Konami unveils new pair of portable games

Pocket Racers is headed for the PSP, while the DS is set to see a sequel to survival adventure game Lost in Blue.


While the gaming press is busy getting its hands on Konami's lineup of upcoming games at the company's press event, the publisher has taken the wraps off a pair of portable titles.

This fall, PlayStation Portable gamers can expect to take Pocket Racers for a spin. Described by the publisher as a "dark yet zany racing game," Pocket Racers puts players in the role of a party guest who has been turned into a tiny car by "an evil nemesis" and forced to race against fellow partygoers. The races will take place on tracks found throughout 15 different parts of the party host's house, with 16 playable vehicles, from sports cars to off-roaders, and with power-ups including nitro boosts and homing missiles. Konami is promising an extensive single-player experience with multiple modes of play, and sociable gamers will be able to play against one other wirelessly in races and minigames for up to four players.

Early next year, a sequel to the DS survival adventure game Lost in Blue will be found on store shelves in the form of Lost in Blue 2. Like the first game, the story revolves around a man and a woman who find themselves stranded on an island with no others in sight. To survive, the pair must forage for food, fight wild animals using weapons that have been found or fashioned by the player, and make use of their own unique skills. And in case the castaways' lives didn't seem hard enough, Konami has also added the threat of natural disasters, like hurricanes and earthquakes, to the game.

Lost in Blue 2 has not yet been rated, while Pocket Racers has been rated E for Everyone. Konami has not released pricing information about either game.

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