Konami to release Silent Hill 4 soundtrack

Track list includes 20 songs from the survival horror game, available as preorder bonus.


Konami announced today that it will release the soundtrack to Silent Hill 4: The Room as a preorder bonus. The soundtrack will contain 20 songs from the game, 13 of which will be exclusive to the United States release. It will also include several remixes from the series' producer and composer Akira Yamaoka.

The fourth entry in Konami's survival horror series, Silent Hill 4: The Room follows apartment dweller Henry Townsend, who awakens to discover himself locked inside his abode, with an otherworldly portal near his bathroom. The disturbing story evolves from there, and players will solve puzzles and battle a number of foes in their quest to solve the mystery surrounding Henry's current state.

Silent Hill 4: The Room will be released for Xbox, PlayStation 2, and PC this September. More information can be found at GameSpot's preview of the Japanese retail version of the game.

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