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Konami Shuts Down Fan Remake Of P.T.

To dream the impossible nightmare.


The remake of the horror teaser P.T. has been cancelled, according to developer Qimsar. The fan project attempted to remake the popular teaser for the scuttled Silent Hills game. However, according to Qimsar the news isn't all bad, as Konami seemed impressed and offered him a leg up into the industry.

According to the blog post explaining the situation on GameJolt, the 17-year-old developer said that a Konami representative called and explained the legalities forcing the take-down. However, he said, the remake was a hit around the office, and he claims Konami has offered him an internship with the company. That closes the book on the remake, which he estimates that he's spent more than 180 hours on so far, with a relatively happy ending.

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P.T. was a popular demo, teasing a collaboration between Hideo Kojima and filmmaker Guillermo del Toro to reboot the Silent Hill series. Konami then opted to pull the demo from the store and cancel the project. While it didn't give an explanation, the timing came just as the rift grew between Konami and Kojima, suggesting that may have played a role. Once it was pulled on April 29, 2015, it was no longer playable if you didn't already have it loaded onto your system.

Kojima is still planning a collaboration with del Toro, though, with his new project Death Stranding. We've even seen del Toro's likeness appearing in some of the trailers, along with star Norman Reedus.

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