Konami ships more than 1 million MGS2 units

Konami meets the high demand for MGS2 for the PS2 by shipping more than 1 million copies at launch.


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Konami of America has announced that it shipped more than 1 million copies of its PlayStation 2 game Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty at launch. Although Konami debunked rumors that retailers had already received 2 million preorders of the game, by most accounts, the game has been flying off retail shelves. Subsequent shipments of the game will be sent out to retailers based on reorders.

"There simply is no other game available that has generated this type of critical acclaim and overwhelming demand, which our first-day numbers show," said Dick Wnuk, executive vice president of Konami of America. "Konami has worked hard with retailers across North America to make sure that gamers would be able to get their hands on this game as soon as possible."

Metal Gear Solid 2 combines a stylistic presentation, military intrigue, and an innovative stealth-based gameplay system.

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