Konami offers camo'd PSPs with Portable Ops

Two special edition premium packs to commemorate release of Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops will include camouflage-skinned PSPs, assorted goodies in Japan.


A PSP that matches your pants, soldier.
A PSP that matches your pants, soldier.

At this year's Tokyo Game Show, Sony showed off some PlayStation Portables in different colors, including primary hues red, blue, and yellow. But one model had gaming commandos particularly interested.

In a display case on the show floor, a few PSPs adorned in camouflage had many Sony fans wondering if the hard-to-see handhelds were simply prototypes. It turns out that not only will they be available for purchase, they'll also come bundled with one of the most anticipated PSP games of the year.

Konamistyle, the official online outlet for Konami products in Japan, is advertising two Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops bundles--the Konamistyle Limited Premium Pack and the less expensive Premium Pack. Both bundles include the Portable Ops game software, a camouflaged Sony PSP, and a set of pins.

The Konamistyle bundle also includes a snakeskin PSP case, matching wrist-strap, and certificate of authenticity. The Premium Pack includes a less extravagant case and wrist-strap and does not include a certificate. The Konamistyle Pack will retail for 37,800 yen ($322), while the Premium Pack will be 27,800 ($237). Both bundles go on sale in Japan December 21.

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