Konami N-Gage-ing Metal Gear Solid

Publisher signs on to Nokia's reimagined mobile gaming platform; Solid Snake's tactical stealth game leads offerings in June.


Nokia's N-Gage as a mobile platform has had a rough history, thanks in no small part to the device's original layout, which required users to hold the device sideways in order to make phone calls. With the launch of the Nintendo DS and PlayStation Portable in 2004, the N-Gage's prospects as a widely adapted gaming platform took a turn for the worse.

All the Solid Snake, none of the sidetalkin'.
All the Solid Snake, none of the sidetalkin'.

Despite Nintendo's and Sony's grip on the mobile gaming sector, Nokia hasn't abandoned the N-Gage platform outright, and in fact relaunched the service, after some delays, as an application compatible with a host of Nokia phones in April. While support for the service has since been modest, Nokia today said Konami would begin adding its mobile games to the N-Gage's library.

Konami's first title to be available on the N-Gage will be Metal Gear Solid Mobile. Winner of the 2007 International Mobile Gaming Award, MGS Mobile features the series' signature tactical stealth action gameplay and an in-game camouflage system that implements real-world color samples captured by the mobile device's camera. The game was developed in conjunction with Ideaworks3D.

Metal Gear Solid Mobile is expected to arrive on Nokia's platform in June, in the same time frame as Konami's Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots for the PlayStation 3. The publisher did not reveal pricing information and had not responded to requests for clarification as of press time. However, Nokia said when it launched the service that full games would be available for download priced at $8-$14 apiece.

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