Konami launching Zone of the Enders special event

Spotlight event for Zone of the Enders HD Edition to be held in Shinjuku, Japan.


Zone of the Enders HD Collection

Konami recently announced that it will be hosting a Zone of the Enders premium event, with the spotlight on a preview of Zone of the Enders HD Edition. The public event will be called "Zone of the Enders HD Night Fastest in the Universe Reboot Preview."

Japanese fans can go beyond the bounds in a public theatre this month.
Japanese fans can go beyond the bounds in a public theatre this month.

The event will be held at the Shinjuku Wald 9 theater in Tokyo, Japan, and will happen on May 25. Staff members who worked on the series and who will make an appearance include Hideo Kojima, Yoji Shinkawa, Noriaki Okamura, Shuyou Murata, and Nobuyoshi Nishimura. Attendees will also get to see new updates on the remake, as well as a special live performance by a yet-to-be-announced artist.

The ticket price for the event will cost the public 3,000 yen (A$37). Attendants can buy them online at the Konami Style site starting today. Zone of the Enders HD Edition is slated to be out later this year.

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Great this could also mean that Hideo Kojima could give us a third installment of his Zone of the Enders saga. I'm very excited since I really enjoyed the last two ZoE.

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if konami puts up a Metal gear slid for the Vita this vita babe will go to heaaaaaaaaaven!!!!!!!!! so mostly konami u have great chances dont waste them u are not doin bad but u could do a loooooooooot!!! better

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zone of the enders is an underrated game

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What happened to all the comments?

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Thanks Mr. Toyad for this awesome news :) I'm not going to go to the event but judging from the time it's taking for the game to be remastered, there must be tons of improvements... can't wait!

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Plz announce ZOEIII plz plz plzzzz

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Awesome pic Jonathan Toyad, you definetly put a lot of thought without taking yourself too seriously, that made my day and thanks for the coverage.

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It's also coming to the Wii U.... (not really)

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@nini200 companies do this to see if there is still a fanbase. If you're a fan, you would buy it. If it sells enough, they consider making a sequal.

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Perhaps ZOE 3 will be announced.That would make my decade.

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I'd go to this and I've never even played ZoE. Pretty cool move.

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Maybe they will announce ZOE 3 :D. Because it seems a bit much to hold a big event for a HD remake party.... But who knows with Kojima, guy is very unpredictable. Plus can't wait for the HD release.

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ZOE has by far the best combat system out of all the mech-based games out there. They really need to make ZOE3. They just have to! It would be silly to not at least consider it.

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Well, this is what gamers get when they ask for a ton of HD remakes. So instead of them spending this same time working on a sequel, you get a HD version of a game that you already got. Hope you're happy.

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My heart stopped at first.... thought it was the announcement of ZOE3 T_T .... But I still got hope !

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ZOE3 or gtfo!

Avatar image for shadowboy88

Noooooooooot interested gimme ZOE3 NOW DAMMIT!

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ZOE3 or gtfo!

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I'd rather have a release date. :( Hopefully it's soon.

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Good opportunity for a ZoE3 announcement..

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ive always wanted to play these games. cant wait.

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they must have upgraded this game or something

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i like Zone of Enders also but seems kinda crazy to hold a major event for a "re-release" of a ps2 game

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Oh and also sorting out WTF happened with Blades of Time.

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Konami is busy making Neverdead 2......lol........

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As much as I love Metal Gear, I'd like to see Kojima get back into the ZOE series. Bring on ZO3!

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Yes! YES! YESSSS!!!!! Long live the ZOE franchise!

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Gonna be getting this on 360 far before the release date. If you catch my drift

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One of the games that had me glued to the end as a child. I'll buy a remake and a new one.

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Im so hyped to play these great games again!

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For the love of god, Konami, how much time do we still have to wait for a ZOE3's announcement???Come on! (btw,can't w8 to play this HD collection :))

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Very glad to see Konami moving forward with this. I was starting to think it would never see the light of day.

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So glad im living Tokyo for the moment.

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ZOE2 is one of my all-time favorite games. I am totally getting this HD release. "Universe Reboot" Preview eh? Hopefully that means another sequel is finally in the works.

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ZOE3 maybe? That would be awesome.

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Fist pump x1,000,000,000.

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@Cephrien I was thinking the exact same thing. It's about time they said something!

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FINALLY. I was waiting for some kind of update on this.

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ZOE3 announcement perhaps? Calling it.

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I guess a release date should be sometime soon then. I hope.

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Oh im jealous as hell.