Konami Helping Make Metal Gear-Like Prosthetic Limb for Double Amputee

"The Phantom Limb."


Konami has announced a new initiative where it will work with a prosthetic limb company to create a Metal Gear-eque bionic arm for a young double amputee gamer. The project is called The Phantom Limb, and as part of it, Konami will work with Sophie De Oliveira Barata and her team (including engineers, roboticists, and product designers) to build a "highly stylized and multi-functional" limb for 25-year-old James Young.

 Barata and Young
Barata and Young

Young lost an arm and a leg when he was pulled onto the tracks between two trains of the London DLR train system. However, he's since taught himself to play games one-handed.

Barata's Alternative Limb Project differs from others in that it works with amputees on unique designs for their prosthetics. Some of her past work has included steampunk arms and cyborg-like legs. She even created the "crystal leg" worn by performer Viktoria Modesta in the opening ceremony of the 2012 Paralympics. Now, she's working with Young--who says he's a fan of the Metal Gear Solid series--and Konami on a new arm inspired by the one Snake has in The Phantom Pain.

The production of this unique prosthetic--from concept to reality--will be chronicled in a documentary and in a series of posts on this blog. The limb is expected to be ready in January. To see more of Barata's previous work, visit her website.

The Phantom Pain launched in September and has shipped 5 million copies. The game's next update is coming soon, introducing ridiculous cat hats and more.

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What a great idea. Never give up when this sort of thing happens, if you keep going forward, good things will come out of it. This is one of the best articles I've ever seen on Gamespot.

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abuseing cripples as walkling billboards ... ? or are they massproducing them now for free or what?

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@omotih: Actually, it looks like this is something HE wanted.

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Despite all the Konamit hate (which I would agree with most people on it) this is awesome, regardless of what people say.

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nice job, konami and hideo kojma for making metal gear series and inspiring people around the world.

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Good job, Konami ;D

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I see, a "Metal Gear-eque bionic arm" so that he can be a moving, game playing advertisement. Help fund the leg part, too, you jerks. J/k, it is still a good thing and the tech development of the arm passes onto the leg engineering anyway.

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Sophie de Oliveira is cute.

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Pulled? I think it was attempted suicide

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My son only has use of one arm due to a birth injury. He's an 8yo boy who enjoys playing video games as much as I and its truly remarkable to see him play Destiny one-handed. I'd do anything for my son to have use of that arm/hand. Good for this young man. Good for Konami.

So cut the shit.

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Eager to see how it turns out. Hopefully he will have a badass bionic arm like venom snake.

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$20 for additional finger.

And also other users can invade and use your limb. $200 for monthly security from invasion.

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Good to see Konami helping this guy.

But we all know they are just trying to repair their tarnished image. After all the f**k up with Kojima & Silent Hill.

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Gotta keep that pachinko hand strong.

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I want them to make a Chicken hat and a stealth camo for people too! Haidaraaaa!

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Cool. So does that mean, the wearer will get to Rocket punch?

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Konami's executive prohibited a budget any higher than the current regardless of an incomplete product.......

END RESULT: Prosthetic Limb.....except without like fingers....and toes.....and nerves.....and like joints and whatnot. Cuz ya know, that budget....

EDIT: Directed by Hideo Kojima :)

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@ishsgames: "Without nerves"

for really reals?

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@dementedlullaby: Some high end prosthetics these days are actually capable of simulating the sense of touch, to a degree.

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Nice of Konami, for sure.

But, due to the reputation Konami has earned this year, I am now halfway expecting to see an update about how they attached a toilet-scrubbing brush to the limb.

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@Renunciation: i mean no disrespect, how do you know it was konami's fault kojima may have wanted to go it alone

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It's nice of Konami to help this young man out.

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...and he says "No thanks, just make Silent Hills"

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Noooo! I need that arm! I need a spare one!

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builds prosthetic limbs and updates the stupid FOB mini game that no one plays, but cant update MGSO

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Wait till they hear official word and will deny helping the kid.

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Wow first positive news I've heard about Konami all year ( not counting the excellent MGSV itself, made by the guy they fired? LOL )

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Glad Konami is giving this guy a hand

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@mjc0961: There are tribes as yet undiscovered by man who saw what he did there.

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He'll be charged microtransactions to hold a cup of tea.

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if Konami want a thumbs up from me, I'd rather have them pay and treat their staff better than helping ONE amputee

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Just how are Konami working with these specialists? If they are funding a single project and not helping any further then they are just courting publicity, if they are planning on helping out for the foreseeable future then I commend them for that but I just can't see them doing that. Prove me wrong Konami and prove that this isn't just some capital gain venture or just the allowing of Venom Snake's prosthetic for a single person.

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I always wondered why scientist never build them more creatively.....as long as its functional its a very good idea....but i dont know where prosthetic are in terms of technology..?...like do they have the technology to move all the fingers on a prosthetic arm like a real arm..?...

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@GregoryBastards: From what I understand, the ability to move individual fingers on a prosthesis is possible, but A: those models are really, REALLY expensive, (Ballpark of $500,000), B: Still in the experimental stages, and C: Not compatible with certain injuries (something to do with requiring certain nerves/muscles to still be intact or something).

That being said, technology gets better all the time, so it should only be a matter of time until those problems are solved, or at least lessened.

EDIT: Search the "Modular Prosthetic Limb" to see what one of the latest and greatest is.

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@GregoryBastards: I think some of them are getting pretty advanced.

I've also seen recently that Disney is working with some prosthetics company, making things like Iron Man-inspired arm prosthetics for kids.

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@auberonfall: Disney just allowed a British prothesthics company to use the Star Wars, Iron Man and Frozen licenses, free of charge. Which is still very cool of them.

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Rocket Arm or GTFO.

J/K, this is sweet.

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G-good move Konami

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More than anything, I'm fascinated by the concept of "designer prostheses", not sure why I never considered their possibility before. I rather like Barata's previous "Bloomsbury Droid" prosthetic leg.

Anyways, very cool.

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@LesserAngel: I guess you don't see designer prostheses very often because these things already cost ... an arm and a leg.

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Trinity, is that you?

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