Konami details the extras in Silent Hill 2 Xbox

A brand-new gameplay mode and a variety of graphical enhancements are included in the Xbox version of Silent Hill 2. Read the first details and see screens from the Xbox-exclusive mode.


Konami of America has detailed the specific extras that will be included in the Microsoft Xbox version of Silent Hill 2. When starting a new game, players can choose from the main scenario, titled Letter From Silent Heaven, which is essentially the same as the PlayStation 2 game, and a new Xbox-exclusive mode, titled Sub Scenario: Born From A Wish. In this extra mode, players will assume the role of Maria, the mysterious woman whom James Sunderland, the lead character of the game, initially meets in Silent Hill. Born From A Wish, which adds about four to six hours of gameplay, will play out the story of Silent Hill 2 through the eyes of Maria, thus explaining specific details that are left unanswered in the main scenario and providing a second perspective on the events of the game.

In addition to the new game mode, Silent Hill 2 includes a few visual enhancements. Specifically, the noise filter that intentionally distorted the screen in the PlayStation 2 version can now be turned on and off at will by going into the options menu and pressing R1 on the Xbox controller. With the noise turned off, players will be able to further appreciate the visual detail in the game's characters and environments. Additionally, new lighting effects have also been implemented in the Xbox game.

Silent Hill 2: Restless Dreams, which is the official title of the Xbox version, will be released sometime in December.

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