Konami claims Street Supremacy

Portable street racer for Sony's PSP will feature team-based competition, licensed cars, and RPG elements.


Street Supremacy

Opening up the PSP's garage reveals cars upon cars upon cars. The handheld has its fair share of racing games, including entrants from heavyweight franchises such as Wipeout, Burnout, and Need for Speed.

The traffic jam that is PSP racing games is going to increase its traffic by one, thanks to Konami's newly announced Street Supremacy, due in early 2006 from developer Genki. Genki is no stranger to the streets, as it is behind the wheel of the Tokyo Xtreme Racer franchise.

Street Supremacy lets gamers become king of the road through various game modes that "set it apart from other titles in the racing genre." A Team Battle mode pits two crews against each other in an effort to claim turf through winning races or sending opponents into walls. Team loyalty and recruiting is dependent on success on the road.

Manufacturers such as Nissan, Mitsubishi, and Subaru have licensed their autos for the game. The cars can be modified with paint jobs, spoilers, exhausts, and other new parts.

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