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Konami announces WWX: Rumble Rose

Konami brings a woman's touch to the world of wrestling.


Konami revealed the first details of its new PlayStation 2 women’s wrestling game, WWX: Rumble Rose today. The game is being developed by a triple-team of veteran studios that should ensure something interesting. Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo is partnering with veteran studio Yuke's, most recently known for THQ's WWE SmackDown! games, and Polygon Magic's VSL Team, who are respected CG movie specialists.

The game will feature a roster of sexy ladies to be announced later. At the moment Konami has only released information on two members of the roster, team leader Dixie Clemets, and Reiko Hinomoto. Dixie is an American who sports a distinct country and western look, as provided by her bovine-themed chaps. Reiko Hinomoto is a more modestly attired--modest being a relative term here--Japanese wrestler.

WWX: Rumble Rose's gameplay is slated to offer a mix of standard and new elements. While characters will have their own unique specialty moves, such as Dixie's "Dixie's Buster" and Reiko's "Double Moonsault," the fighters will have access to various fighting and wrestling moves. Reiko will also be able to perform drop kicks and German suplexes, that can be combined to create unique fighting styles. Besides physical attacks WWX will encourage some psychological combat as well by letting you disgrace or humiliate your opponents through insults, taunting, or locking them in a compromising position (no word on whether mud or Jell-O will be involved). Another unique feature slated to be included is the ability to change your wrestler's personality based on how you play. By choosing to fight dirty or fair your character will develop a good or bad persona that will be reflected in their costume, attitude, and playing style. Regardless of whether your character has a penchant for good or ill you can become popular and earn additional skills and moves, and more revealing and flamboyant costumes.

WWX: Rumble Rose is currently slated to ship this November and will be shown in playable form at E3 in May. Look for more in the coming months.

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