Konami announces Cool Girl for the PS2

Konami is developing a PS2 title based on Takara's action figure Cool Girl.


Cy Girls

On Thursday, Konami announced the development of a PlayStation 2 action game based on Takara's action figure Cool Girl. The game revolves around the keyword "dual," featuring two characters, two types of control, two worlds, and two stories. Taking place in a futuristic setting, the game will place players in the role of a hacker named CG-01 and a ninja named CG-06. Both characters are "divers," who travel between the real world and cyberspace to obtain information and items. The two will eventually converge as the game progresses further.

Cool Girl for the PlayStation 2 is currently planned for a worldwide release in the summer of 2003. The North American version is tentatively titled Cy Girls, and it is scheduled to debut at the upcoming E3 in Los Angeles later this month.

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