Konami and SCEE comment on troublesome MGS2 demos

Konami Europe and SCEE address the problem some consumers in Europe are having with the MGS2 demo disc that shipped in the Z.O.E. package.


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Konami Europe and Sony Computer Entertainment Europe have released a joint statement discussing the reasons behind the problem some European consumers are having with the MGS2 demos. Konami released the demo along with Zone Of The Enders in Europe on February 23. Since its release, some consumers have had problems getting the separate MGS2 demo discs to run. The companies have investigated the problem, and they have found that the failure to boot correctly is not the result of a fault in the PlayStation 2 hardware or any general programming defects in the MGS2 demo disc.

"The problem is extremely technically complex and has been traced to a very rare combination of factors in the manufacturing process of the discs," SCEE revealed in a statement. "The process has been modified to ensure that the fault does not reoccur. Consumers who own such a copy are asked to contact the SCEE care lines in their corresponding country, who will then replace the discs."

According to the companies, this problem has only been occurring in less than 1 percent of all the MGS2 demos that have shipped alongside Z.O.E. in Europe.

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