Kojima's PS4 Console Exclusive Will Come to PC

Sony says Konami will remain a valuable partner going forward.


Sony Computer Entertainment further discussed its partnership with Hideo Kojima's new independent studio, and some of the terms of its PlayStation 4-exclusive project.

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In a press release issued by SCE, president and global chief Andrew House said Kojima is a big part of PlayStation's history and therefore is "delighted that he has chosen to bring his brand new project to life in partnership with PlayStation."

Kojima added: "I will be taking on a new challenge by establishing my own independent studio, and I am thrilled to be able to embark on this journey with PlayStation, who I have continued to work with all these past years...I cannot wait to deliver, with PlayStation, a game that will become a compelling franchise."

In a Q&A also issued by the company, as published by Medium, it was revealed that Sony is not investing in Kojima Productions, and the unnamed game in question "is planned to become available on PC" after its PS4 release.

The length of the console exclusivity was not disclosed, but the statement indicates it will not be available on Xbox One.

Although details on the project were not provided, the Q&A clarified that the game will not be related to Metal Gear or cancelled horror title Silent Hills, as they are both Konami properties.

On the subject of Konami, Sony said it "will remain one of SCE's most important publishers, and our relationship with them will not change."

Hideo Kojima finally revealed he has setup is own independent studio along with former members of the team he worked with at Konami on December 15.

The announcement followed a lengthy period of speculation about Kojima's status with his ex-employer Konami. At The Game Awards, host Geoff Keighley revealed lawyers were keeping Kojima from attending the show.

In November, Konami denied the claims that Kojima had left the company, saying that he was on vacation.

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Kojima u da real mvp.

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Oh shit. Sony is playing his hand very smart here.

I bet they are looking for a way to revive Silent Hill. And yes,I believe they are looking for a way to make it happen with Del Toro and Kojima. Speculations I know, but if one looks very closely at what they are doing, s/he cannot fail to notice the probability of such an attempt by Sony.

Guess we have to wait and see.

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@lonesamurai1: I, for one, do not care about the game being released on PC as well. In fact, I am going to receive a very good software for my hardware, and that is all that matters to me. Why would I want to feel bad about other platform owners having the same experience and fun?!

Overall, I believe that is really stupid of someone to feel like that in life.

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@lonesamurai1: PC "leftovers" race.

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Avatar image for Thanatos2k

And in one fell swoop, Microsoft and Nintendo were kicked in the balls.

Konami too.

Avatar image for deathwish026

@Thanatos2k: lol you are a funny guy.

Avatar image for wrightie

@Thanatos2k: yet it's coming to Windows hardly a kick in the balls for M/S when the version that'll run at a much higher framerate, be far supirior graphically will be on a M/S platform. Kick in the balls for Xbox maybe.

Avatar image for Xristophoros

@Thanatos2k: yes. very much so.

Avatar image for BassMan

Good news for sure. All games should be on PC. No need for the consoles as they are just low spec PCs that struggle to run games properly..

Avatar image for ecs33

I want Silent Hills :(....and not Konami's eventual crap version of it.

Avatar image for Cloud_imperium

PC market is too big to ignore in this day and age. And it's a good thing too because more people will be able to enjoy it. I'll probably get it for PC instead of PS4. Thinking about picking up Consoles next year or in 2017.

Avatar image for Xristophoros

@Cloud_imperium: piracy is too big to ignore on pc as well. you take the bad with the good i suppose... some people feel like the bad outweighs the good, though.

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@Xristophoros: KEKEKEK red herrings are the best. Right guys?

Avatar image for Cloud_imperium


1. One pirated copy =/= -1 legal sale.

2. No one cares as long as the game is making profit.

3. Last gen, people used piracy excuse to hide their failures and exclusivity deals.

4. Witcher 3's GOG (DRM free version) sold best, which means legal consumers want best experience that some companies fail to provide. Nothing is black and white.

5. PC makes more revenue than Consoles.

6. PC is the only platform where AAA exclusives are made by devs willingly and not because IPs are kept hostage.

7. "Bad outweighs good". Source?

Avatar image for ughz

@Cloud_imperium: Um no sir, it did not. Feast thine eyes:http://steamspy.com/search.php?s=witcher+3

Witcher 3 sold 690,000 ish on GOG. It sold over a million on Steam. And the vast majority of sales were on console.

Witcher 2 sold 40,000 on GOG, and 5x that on Steam in the first 8 weeks. And you can see now it's about 3.6 million on Steam.

There's no data to prove that GOG actually sold more through GOG. The only articles are crap like from GameSpot saying "Waaaaay more people are playing it through GOG than steam see, theres 690,000 copies!"

Last I checked a million is higher than 690,000.

Avatar image for Cloud_imperium

@ughz: Lol, you are mixing up old numbers with new numbers. CDPR themselves said that the game sold best on GOG. Back then the game had sold close to 500,000 on Steam. Now GOG numbers must be even bigger, just like how Steam numbers have grown from 500,000 to 1 Million.


Please check your sources carefully.

Avatar image for ughz

@Cloud_imperium: That's the exact non-source I just referenced. It proves nothing. It says 690,000. That's not over a million. Sorry.

Protip - SteamSpy is the only source for Steam. If 1 million people show as owning the game on SteamSpy, that means 1 million people have it on Steam. Until GOG can provide actual sales figures, their words are meaningless. "More people playing it on GOG" means nothing because GOG literally isn't a platform, unless you use Galaxy.

Yea, sure, more people may be playing it on GOG because A) The game is old and B) There are 139339839813198 games on Steam, many of them newer than Witcher 3, for people to be playing.

Avatar image for Cloud_imperium

@ughz: Use your head man... When the sales were announced, the game had only sold around 500,000 on Steam. You are using current Steam numbers against, old GOG numbers. How stupid can you get?

Avatar image for Xristophoros

@Cloud_imperium:so wrong and misinformed. for the AVERAGE AAA multi platform release (there are a few exceptions to this such as a handful of pc-centric titles), ps4 accounts for 25-30% of total sales... ps3 is another 10-15% give or take. x1 accounts for 15-20% give or take, while the 360 accounts for another 10-15% give or take. pc only accounts for 15-20%. consoles = about 75% of the total. hell, just looking at ps4 alone, which has a user base of just over 30m users, accounts for more sales than pc which has 140m active steam accounts lol... over 4X the user base and they can't beat ps4 in software sales? how is that even possible? that is an abysmal number and part of the reason has to do with piracy. a large percentage being lost to illegal downloads is no surprise, but i keep seeing pc elitists in denial about this. why? are you really that embarrassed that you outright turn your eyes away from the realities going on around you? anybody's grandma can click an .exe file and start playing the latest releases lol ... oh, and also the fact 80% of the pc's out there are running on hardware inferior to current gen consoles lol... all this talk about powerful pc's but the reality is only 20% of them are actually modern and capable of better graphics than ps4/x1. pc makes more revenue you say? yes, only if you include all hardware sales of pc components and all the microtransactions found in moba's and mmo's... do a little research, look at ubisoft's sales numbers by platforms and form a better understanding how crucial console sales and console software sales are for this industry. pc is important as well, don't get me wrong, but pc piracy is taking away a big piece of the pie. if you cared about this industry you wouldn't simply deny its existence and be more concerned about it. publishers seem to understand it thankfully.

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@Xristophoros: I suggest you learn math. And common sense.

People on PC don't buy every piece of trash that comes out. PC is the reason niche genres exist. Those people are only buying the games they want, not just picking up random games and then returning them like your average peasant. And yes, I know for a fact this is how the majority of the console audience shops because I know these people in real life.

Good games that the PC audience likes always sell more on PC.

TES. Fallout. Etc. Maybe you've also heard of the gigantaurs that are Blizzard - 100% PC, and they put their crap on console too.

Avatar image for Xristophoros

@ughz: here you go: http://gamerant.com/the-witcher-3-sales-pc-consoles-125/

you guys are thick.

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@ughz: Exactly.

Avatar image for Cloud_imperium

@Xristophoros: Bunch of random words with no source to back them up. And one or two console centric companies don't change anything. A lot PC developers make more money on PC like Blizzard and Valve. Just 2-3% more profits from yearly rehashes like Assassin's Creed on Consoles, don't change anything. Stay mad. Lol. And more people own high end PCs than number of PS4 and XBox One sold (combined). That's what I don't like about Console fanboys like you. PC fanboys can be jerks but they are at least honest jerks who back what they say. You guys throw bunch of random words like spoiled kids.

Avatar image for Xristophoros

@Cloud_imperium: valve has data available for you to view regarding the specs of its users. you can see for yourself.

since you are too lazy to do your own research, here you go:


this gives you a good idea of what AAA software sales are like. but of course, you think i made all that up lol

p.s. where the hell are your sources? lol

Avatar image for Cloud_imperium

@Xristophoros: As I said, one or two Console companies that sell yearly rehashes like Assassin's Creed and FIFA don't change anything. There are other developers that get more profit from PC, like Valve for example or Blizzard.


Different companies have different preferred platforms, and they make different kind of games, that are more successful on different platforms, which depends on type of audience on that platform. What matters is overall revenue, which is biggest on PC.


^^ More sales on PC than all 5 Consoles combined. And no this doesn't include facebook and other social games, those have their category. Nitpicking isn't helping your case.


As for Data of Steam Surveys,,, please never touch that topic again. I've studied it in detail and make threads about it every few months with new details.


^^ So yes, there are more high end PCs than number of PS4 and Xbox One sold (combined). You can also open images in new tab and see them by right clicking at empty space below percentages and clicking on "open in new tab". For some reason, images have disappeared (GlitchSpot).

And this is worst case scenario from few months ago. I'll make new thread early next year with new hardware info.

Avatar image for Xristophoros

@Cloud_imperium: i wasn't talking about global revenue. i already acknowledged pc has a greater overall revenue due to hardware component sales and microtransactions with mobas and mmos... i was talking specifically about AAA multi platform game releases. here consoles dominate pc. even ps4 on its own beats pc (in most cases). my original point stands. you are clearly too defensive and illogical with your pc-centric bias to acknowledge the facts.

here, more good reading for you:

Avatar image for Cloud_imperium

@Xristophoros: Yup... you are still nitpicking. Please continue to do so and keep coming up with excuses. It won't change the fact that PC makes more money and lol at Witcher 3 sales. It sold as good as each Console version during its opening weeks and Consoles sales are front loaded due to used game market. PC sales are slow but steady. It'll continue to sell on PC for years to come, while sales on Consoles will stop in few months from now. Even now people buy games like Baldur's Gate 2 and Planescape Torment from GOG.com, after over 15 years of their release. That's how PC market works. Skyrim sold 3 million units on PC just in 2014 (overall sales on PC are now close to 10 million). No one is playing it on Consoles. Same goes for Team Fortress 2 and other games with modding support. There is a reason why XCom 2 is not coming to Consoles. It bombed in sales on Consoles. So, yeah as I said, some companies/games make more money on PC, others make more money on Consoles. But at the end of the day, PC makes overall more revenue. Not but not least, PC doesn't have loyality fee, which means money goes straight to devs. In the case of Consoles, more than 15 dollars out of every 60 dollar unit sold, goes to Sony and Microsoft.

Avatar image for sebastatu

Sweet... I love playing games on PC even multiplaform releases. Even if I have to wait sometime, I dont mind. Nothing beats playing at 120hz on 3Dvision with DSR at 4k resolution.

I bought a PS4 last X-mas, and I haven't used it for anything. It came with Destiny and that game bored me withing 1 hour never played it again. There is really nothing interesting on consoles for me that the PC doesn't do better. Maybe Besides Bloodborne. I wish I could return my PS4 and buy something more useful like a new Video Card. I hope this game is great though.

Avatar image for demonkingx5

There's no such thing as a console exclusive. If its on two different platforms its not an exclusives period.

Avatar image for mkeezay22

@demonkingx5: Well it's on 2 platforms not two consoles, so console exclusive is a correct term.

PC is not a console.

Avatar image for demonkingx5

@mkeezay22: ex·clu·siveikˈsklo͞osiv

excluding or not admitting other things.

Avatar image for Mirimon78

@demonkingx5: exactly, excluding or not admitting other things... which are admitted and which aren't are a whole other issue. Gun ownership is exclusive, in that felons and the insane are excluded from legal ownership. What is accepted or excluded requires further discourse.

Exclusive itself, as a word, does not mean "only on one platform", especially when given the appropriate descriptors. Games are wxclusive to mobile, are they exclusive only to the samsung galaxy s6? No... just the same, when it is said console exclusive, it means it is the only console with it, as it might be on mobile, tablet, pc, or smart tv for all we know.

There are many words mistakenly given absolutes while lacking the accompanying descriptors, and that is simply a result of poor education.

Avatar image for Cloud_imperium

@demonkingx5: I always find this "Console Exclusive" term pretty stupid.

Avatar image for Arkhalipso

@Cloud_imperium: Not sure why, it's pretty simple. PCs are not consoles.

Avatar image for MonkeyRobot

Why do people think Xbox fans hate Kojima where's the proof? Am I mistaken but didn't the Zoe and mgs collection did well on the 360 and mgsV wouldn't made no where near the numbers it did if no one X1 supported him.

Avatar image for dilldoser

@MonkeyRobot: I had no idea that was even a thing. I know several people that bought MGSV on Xbox and loved the game. Seeing Kojimas past relationship with Sony though this does not come as any surprise and I am glad to see Sony supporting him.

Avatar image for shamo101

@MonkeyRobot: just sony fanboys being scum as always