Kojima wants to look beyond Metal Gear

Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima says that he wants to be remembered for more than just the iconic series; reveals upcoming Metal Gear games will introduce concepts intended for new intellectual properties.


Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima has revealed that upcoming entries in the gaming franchise will introduce concepts intended to hint at a new wave of intellectual properties utilising the Metal Gear brand.

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Speaking to EGM, Kojima said that he wants to be remembered for doing a lot more than just creating the iconic series.

"I'll admit that I hope my future endeavours are thought of as 'works by Hideo Kojima' rather than 'from the creator of Metal Gear'," he told the publication. "I haven't really shown the world what else I might be capable of yet. This may sound pretentious, but I don’t like being thought of as the Metal Gear guy. There's a lot more I can do."

In the interview, Kojima also spoke about the influence of games such as Grand Theft Auto III, a title which he said "opened" his eyes.

Kojima did not confirm whether the statement outlining the introduction of new concepts in upcoming Metal Gear games was in reference to Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes or future titles in the franchise.

Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes was officially unveiled earlier this year. Kojima later revealed that the game would include Peace Walker's Mother Base mechanic, as well as a day/night cycle.

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