Kojima teases weekend announcement

UPDATE: Kojima Productions to handle Japanese version of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow; Kojima himself will oversee localization process; Zone of the Enders sequel pushed back.


Hideo Kojima has become quite adept at teasing his fans. The celebrated game designer has been dropping plenty of hints lately about his seemingly never-ending ideas for new projects, which may or may not include Metal Gear Solid 5, a Metal Gear Solid: Rising series, a title dealing with a certain type of taboo, an entirely new adventure game, or even Zone of Enders 3. Unfortunately, Kojima has yet to confirm or deny any or all of these projects, leaving fans with a lot of guesswork and speculation.

Kojima: what's he up to now?
Kojima: what's he up to now?

This could all be about to change, according to a message posted by Kojima on his official Twitter account yesterday. As translated by Japanese news site Andria Sang, Kojima said he will be making a significant announcement in the next few days, posting the following message:

"Typhoon 4. It looks like it won't have an effect on the weekend. Thank goodness! However, my health is bad. Prior to TGS, we'll have a big announcement on Saturday or Sunday, so I must recover."

A follow-up message revealed the news would not involve the widely speculated Zone of Enders 3, with Kojima saying:

"ZOE3 and so forth--it's not that big an announcement. However, I think you will be happy."

UPDATE: Hideo Kojima delivered on his promise during a live recording on the Hidechannel Radio podcast in Japan over the weekend. As translated by Japanese news site Andria Sang, Kojima announced that he will be personally overseeing the localization process of the Japanese version of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, which Kojima Productions will be handling. In addition, Kojima also revealed a number of Japanese voice actors from the Metal Gear Solid franchise who will appear in the game, inlcuding Akio Otsuka (Solid Snake), Fujiwara Keiji (Drebin), Yumi Kikuchi (Strangelove) and Tomokazu Sugita (Miller).

The roles that the Metal Gear Solid voice actors will play in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow will not be revealed until Tokyo Game Show in September.

Answering a question from a caller during the podcast, Kojima said that while he very much wants to do the heavily-requested Zone of the Enders sequel, he has had to push back the project due to "time and staff limitations". However, all hope is not lost--Kojima ended by saying that although the project has been delayed, he has been thinking about gameplay systems for the sequel.

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