Kojima Talks About Logan, Compares It To Metal Gear Solid 4

The Metal Gear creator enjoyed the latest X-Men movie.


Hideo Kojima's appreciation of movies is no secret, and like many others, he seems to be a fan of Logan.

The Metal Gear creator shared his thoughts about the recent X-Men movie in an essay for Glixel, writing, "What's unique about Logan is that, while it's a significant piece of a larger universe, it also succeeds in breaking away to become an independent story in its own right, finishing a story that would otherwise seem unfinishable. If this isn't special, I don't know what is. It's precisely because of this that Logan is a movie to remember."

Kojima also draws comparisons to his own series. He talks about the position that Logan puts Wolverine in and how it's similar to that of Snake in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots--the final game, chronologically, in the series.

"[B]oth Snake and Logan had their place in the world taken away from them," he said. "What place is there in the world for those whose very being has been wrested from them? All that remains is the end of their story--a story of their departure. I attempted to pull the same trick you see in Logan--of simultaneously writing an 'end' for MGS4 while trying not to actually end the whole saga."

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Kojima also offers some thoughts on how games and movies compare, saying, "[T]he entertainment medium of video games has already exceeded the storytelling capabilities of movies. Games can give birth to as many stories as there are players. Games don't seek to create endless stories--they can already deliver stories that don't need to end. Games are also more addictive than movies. And let's face it, endless addictive entertainment is just what the market--and players--ask for."

You can read Kojima's full essay over at Glixel. He previously offered his thoughts on the new Ghost in the Shell movie.

With his new game, Death Stranding, still a ways off, Kojima also recently discussed the prospect of making a movie of his own. At the Tribeca Games Festival, he said, "I love movies, so definitely one day, I would love to [make one]. But right now, it's impossible. At least until I finish Death Stranding, it's impossible."

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