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Kojima Says Idea He Makes Expensive Games and Takes Too Long is a "Misconception"

"I've always kept my word on timelines and budget."


The idea that Hideo Kojima spends too much money and takes too long to make his games is not true, the legendary Japanese developer has said in a new interview conducted at DICE 2016.

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The rhetoric that his Metal Gear games are costly and have a protracted development cycle is common in video game discussions and, given the increase scope of the various entries in the series, has almost become conventional thinking in the industry. Asked what he believes is the biggest misconception about him, Kojima took the opportunity to shoot down this line of thinking.

"A lot of people say that I spent too much money or take too much time, but that's a misconception," he said. "My last project (Metal Gear Solid 5) was late about five or six months, but I’ve always kept my word on timelines and budget. For example, I do take three to four years to make games, but that's the plan from the start.

Kojima explained that his personal involvement in various aspects of the game's development and marketing is what is responsible for the time his games take to develop and launch.

"I take a lot of time because I create my own teasers, posters, and I work on how to create the box for sales," he said. "Japanese creators are famous for being loose with schedules, and I think people put me in that category, but it's not reality. In my case, I'm a director and a producer, so I have to stay aware of production and the budget."

As previously announced, Kojima is partnering with Sony to release his next game as a PlayStation 4 exclusive on consoles and on PC. No details about the project have been provided, as of yet. Speaking about his collaboration with Sony, he said he was being given a great deal of freedom.

"They are not controlling what I'm doing at all; that was part of the conditions, and Sony was very respectful towards me and what I do. In that regard, it's been very nice, and very pleasant."

Elsewhere in the interview Kojima said he wants his new game to be have a strong enough universe to become a series that can transition to manga, anime, and toy. Read the full interview with Kojima here.

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