Kojima Says Death Stranding Trailer "Representative" of Final Game, Isn't a Dig at Konami

"There are a lot of hints in there, hidden."


The first trailer for Hideo Kojima's Death Stranding was definitely unique; it also left us with a lot of questions about the PS4 and PC game. While Kojima is not ready to answer those, he has now discussed the video a little more, saying the teaser spot is "representative" of the final game.

"It is representative. What you see [in the trailer] will be in the game," Kojima told Eurogamer, confirming that the dead fish and whales, and Norman Reedus' character, will show up.

Kojima also mentioned that the trailer, as suspected, is stuffed with clues. He purposefully designed the video to bring people together to discuss what it might mean.

"There are a lot of hints in there, hidden," he teased. "The world having this discussion about what this teaser means was kind of the objective. That's what I wanted to happen.

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"The [Death Stranding] game will take a little more time to be completed, but the game for me has already started. I am going back and forth with the users, having this interaction, this connection with the people, this discussion."

Kojima isn't giving anything away right now, because that "would be like telling you who's the killer in a mystery novel."

Here are some other things that Kojima confirmed about the Death Stranding trailer:

  • The baby is not a clone of Reedus' character
  • On the tags around Reedus' character's neck and if they might mean he fell through a black hole: "What I will say is, I wanted people to find those..."
  • The trailer isn't meant to be a dig at Kojima's former employer, Konami: "As for Konami? I thought people might link it but there's no connection in there," he said.

Also in the interview, Kojima confirms that Death Stranding is not yet in full production. That will occur when the decision is made as to which game engine will be used, which should happen "very soon." Kojima traveled around the world recently to find a third-party game engine to use, though it remains to be seen which one he will go with.

You can read the full Eurogamer interview here.

Kojima appeared on Sony's E3 2016 stage a week ago today to announce Death Stranding. The game will be released on console exclusively for PS4, though it's also coming to PC.

A release date for Death Stranding has not yet been announced, but don't expect it soon. Recently, Kojima said, "Our game is still far from being released."

For more, check out GameSpot's breakdown of the Death Stranding trailer as well as our own interview with Kojima in which he reacts to Resident Evil 7 and tells us how his family wanted him to retire.

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