Kojima Says Death Stranding Is A "Very Intuitive" Open-World Action Game

The developer also teases the mysterious PS4-exclusive's online mode.


Hideo Kojima has shared some new insight into the mysterious PlayStation 4 game Death Stranding. In an interview with the PlayStation Blog, Kojima talked at a high level about the project, discussing how it will be an open-world game that gives players "a lot of freedom." He also teased its online mode and more.

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Asked what kind of game Death Stranding is, Kojima said, "You can think of Death Stranding as an action game." The goal is for Death Stranding to be "very intuitive" so that players can jump in easily. At the same time, Death Stranding will offer a "certain new type of depth." Overall, Death Stranding aims to be "something that [players] might not have seen before," Kojima said.

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In terms of its openendedness, Kojima said, "You have a lot of freedom of choice to do what you want to do and you can get in vehicles and so on." He added: "If you are a fighter, there's plenty of opportunity for that. If you're not that type of player, there are other ways to play this game."

Death Stranding will offer some kind of "strands" concept. Here is how Kojima explained that:

"This is my 31st year in the games industry and I've been deep in action games across that time. In action games, generally, the player has a gun and plays against enemies in a single-player environment--or they take it online and play against other players in a competitive environment. They join in together with guns--[laughs] it's almost always with guns--to take down a stronger opponent. In this game you can do that but I wanted to go a little deeper beyond that with something that doesn’t focus on a weapon like a gun and that's what has a connection to the strand concept."

Regarding Death Stranding's online element, Kojima said this will be "different versus what most people expect from an online game." Whereas some games have separate and distinct campaign and online modes, this may not be the case for Death Stranding. "A lot of games have a 'campaign mode' and once you're done with that you take it to the online mode. This game is not that kind of structure."

Kojima added Death Stranding will not force players to go online.

"If you want to play the game standalone, without an online component, that's perfectly fine," he said.

You can read the full interview here on the PlayStation Blog.

Death Stranding has no confirmed release date, though a 2018 release is rumored. The game is coming to PlayStation 4, not PlayStation 5, Kojima recently said. Kojima Productions is working with Sony for Death Stranding to be a console exclusive on PS4, though it may also come to PC.

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