Kojima Reflects on 2016 and Starting New Studio -- "Everything Was From Zero"

"Everything was from zero start except your warmest support."


As 2016 comes to a close, Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima has reflected on the year that was.

Writing on Twitter, Kojima thanked fans for their support in the year that his new studio got off the ground. "Everything was from zero except your warmest support," he said on the social media site.

After two decades at Konami, Kojima left the publisher in 2015 to start a new studio, Kojima Productions. It's an independent studio, but it's working with Sony on a new PlayStation 4 game called Death Stranding. It looks very weird and very cool, and we're excited to learn more about it.

In other news, Kojima's friend, filmmaker Guillermo del Toro, recently spoke out for at least a second time to say, "F**k Konami." He was working with Kojima on Silent Hills, and is apparently involved in some manner with Death Stranding.

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