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Kojima Productions To Offer Support For People Fleeing Ukraine

More details of the charitable action will be announced later.


Video game developer Kojima Productions, best known for Death Stranding, took to Twitter today and announced that the studio would offer support to Ukrainian refugees seeking refuge in Japan.

The details of what kind of support would be offered and when were not revealed. The tweet promised more information at a later date and provided a link to the Immigration Services Agency of Japan. The tweet also featured an image of the studio mascot, a striking astronaut named CG, wearing a peace sign emblem. GameSpot will be sure to provide more details once they are available.

The war in Ukraine is still raging, primarily along the eastern region of Ukraine in Donbas. Kojima Productions’ announcement is one of many promises of support and aid from companies across the industry. At the recent Xbox and Betheseda showcase, the developers of Stalker 2 discussed how the war had affected their lives and their production process.

The war has also caused a massive displacement crisis, with millions of refugees fleeing the violence. That crisis has resulted in a scramble to provide resources for the displaced. Some refugees of color have faced racist discrimination and violence as they have attempted to travel to safety. Assistance for the often dehumanizing process of immigration is certainly a welcome announcement, though that hinges on what support is being offered.

If you are able to, consider donating to humanitarian efforts helping the affected in Ukraine.

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