Kojima Productions staffing for 'Next Generation Metal Gear Solid'

New Japanese-language job listings indicate Konami is moving forward with a new installment in iconic action adventure franchise.


In July, Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima said as part of an interview with Enterbrain CEO Hirokazu Hamamura that he had two choices for his next project: make Metal Gear Solid 5 or make an original game. It appears as if the famed designer's fate has been determined, as Andria Sang reports today that Kojima Productions has begun seeking "Next Generation Metal Gear Solid Series Production Staff."

It remains to be seen who the star will be of Kojima's
It remains to be seen who the star will be of Kojima's "Next Generation Metal Gear Solid."

According to Andria Sang's translation of the job listings, Kojima Productions is seeking planners, programmers, and CG designers for the project. Planners being synonymous with designers, the Konami subsidiary is looking for level creators and scripters for the project. The CG descriptions, according to the translation, seek employees familiar with concept art, 3D character modeling, 3D stage modeling, 3D character motion design, event scene production, effect production, and interface design.

As for programmers, Kojima Productions is staffing up on those with experience in graphics, networks, plug-ins, audio, and game characters. The programming listings also seek those with experience working on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. A network job req also indicates that the Metal Gear Solid title will have an online component.

Considering the breadth of job openings for the project, it seems likely that the listings are for an all-new Metal Gear project. However, it is worth noting that Kojima Productions could be staffing up for Metal Gear Solid: Rising, which was first announced for the Xbox 360 at the 2009 Electronic Entertainment Expo and later confirmed for the PS3 and PC. Further, an image associated with the listings shows the faces of Rising star Raiden, as well as series protagonist Solid Snake.

For more on Metal Gear Solid: Rising, check out GameSpot's previous coverage.

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