Kojima Productions Denies Report That PT's Development Was Kept A Secret From Konami

A recent report from a French gaming site claimed that PT was made without Konami's knowledge, but Kojima's studio calls such claims "categorically false."


Hideo Kojima's cancelled Silent Hills will probably never see the light of day, but the legacy of its teaser PT lives on. Recently, the French gaming site Gameblog.fr published a report that claimed that PT was developed by a small team in Kojima Productions without the knowledge of Konami, the game's publisher. However, Kojima Productions has now released a statement, saying that these claims are without merit.

Rumors surrounding the acrimonious 2015 split between Kojima and Konami have raged in the years since the cancellation of the highly-anticipated Silent Hills. According to reports from anonymous employees, the bulk of the conflict stemmed from issues that arose during the production of the critically-acclaimed Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Many observers have noted that MGSV is unfinished in many aspects towards the end of the game, which many chalk up to disagreements between Konami and Kojima. Kojima left Konami in 2015.

PT was delisted from the PlayStation Store in 2015, and there have been several attempts to remake the game over the years. Recently, rumors surrounding yet another Silent Hill revival have swirled, but so far, the surprise addition of series antagonist Pyramid Head and Silent Hill 3 protagonist Cheryl Mason to Dead by Daylight is the only tangible movement we've seen on that front.

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