Kojima: Metal Gear Solid 5 will have story "inconsistencies"

Series creator Hideo Kojima admits new game may have minor plot holes.

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The upcoming Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain may have various story "inconsistencies," series creator Hideo Kojima told Kotaku in a new interview. Kojima explained that the game's nature as a prequel made it problematic to keep the story straight in every instance.

"I'm pretty sure that the guys at Star Wars had the same issues," Kojima told Kotaku through a translator. "When you try to write something that was supposed to be in the middle there will be some inconsistencies when you go into very small details."

Kojima did not go into specifics, but said he was not too concerned with minor plot holes while writing Metal Gear Solid V because "fun" should trump everything else in entertainment.

"The most important part is writing something that is fun, something that is impressive, something that is better than it was before," Kojima said. "So sometimes in the interest of doing this, of having a better experience, we sacrifice some consistencies in the story. I hope the fans and players understand this, but I need to write the best we can, even if there are some small discrepancies."

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain will be preceded by prologue Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, which will be released on current- and next-generation consoles for $30 in spring 2014. No release date has been announced for The Phantom Pain.

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