Kojima keynoting 2009 GDC

Metal Gear Solid guru to deliver address titled "Solid Game Design: Making the 'Impossible' Possible" at next month's developer confab.


Two weeks after they announced that Nintendo president Satoru Iwata would be among the event's keynote presenters, the organizers of the 2009 Game Developers Conference have revealed another high-wattage presenter from Japan. Hideo Kojima, the reclusive and often-elusive creator of the Metal Gear Solid series, has been booked to present at the event, which takes place from March 23-27 at San Francisco's sprawling Moscone Center.

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According to GDC organizers Think Services (formerly CMP Media), Kojima's presentation will be titled "Solid Game Design: Making the 'Impossible' Possible." The designer will deliver it from 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. PST on Thursday, March 26, 2009, in the massive Esplanade Room of the Moscone Center's South Hall.

No further details about Kojima's speech were made available, but presumably it will draw on his nearly 23-year career. Having started work at Konami in 1986, he helped craft the Metal Gear series for the MSX system before attaining worldwide notoriety for the 1998 smash Metal Gear Solid for the original PlayStation. Since then, Kojima has overseen development of every game in the critically lauded series, including Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.

Besides Kojima and Iwata, the GDC 2009 speaker lineup will feature BioWare's Gordon Walton, Microsoft Game Studios' David Wu, former EALA head Neil Young, and serial speaker Peter Molyneux of Lionhead Studios (Fable II). Past presenters include God of War creator David Jaffe, futurist Ray Kurzweil, and Wii and Donkey Kong creator Shigeru Miyamoto.

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@Force360 Amen

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@freeezzzy theres a trailer for the Metal Gear Touch at gametrailers.com

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The time I had playing this game was unbeatable. SNAKE EATER.

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I hope this is about the NEW metal gear series, and not the mgs itouch

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any news on MGS for ipod/iphone????

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Whether Metal Gear Solid 4 goes to the Xbox360 or not, MGS series is a true gem that rivals most of modern-day's Action-adventure in Drama, Suspense, Action, [a little horror sometimes] and shows that not all games are button-mashy "level one, beat boss, dont think, but beat boss" types of games. Hail Kojima for he is a genius, and that he provided such awesome games for us gamers to play. The End.

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Ahhh, when Kojima speaks, people listen.

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@darkspirit138, I like the spirit in the way you express the difference between the two systems. But I believe the REAL advantage for a GAMER is to have BOTH. However, I agree that both systems should be a different experience.

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i like the idea that mgs isnt on the 360 as well...it gives both of them a unique feel. I believe the PS3 is better, but the fact that the 360 has a lot of unique games itself (GOW and HALO-shooters mainly) that should not go on the PS3. Each system is unique, which is how it should be. The people who say that the battling between the PS3 and 360 should stop should really shut up. I think that the arguments between the two help us realise the differences and advantages of having each one is.

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I never said the Xbox was better, in fact I'm very jealous of PS3 owners for quite a few games. I just refuse to buy one on the grounds that Fony stuffed us Euro types on the 'worldwide release' and took the chip out that made it backwards compatible. When I heard that rumor, I left my trusty PS2 and moved to the dark side. To be honest, I'm not even sure that the PS3 is still not backwards compatible, and anyway the price puts me off. I genuinely don't like the MGS series, I found it boring, but I can see why alot of people do love it. Perhaps I should have been a little more thoughtful in my last post.

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another news turned into system wars as always. I hope he announce the titles of the 2 new games he is making. ZOE 3 !!!

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I really hope Metal Gear will never go to the X360.

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MGS4 will never come to 360.

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Good line up of speakers this year

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I my self Im a gamer and yes it doesnt matter the system what it matters is the game they created for me i dont hate any console why? because i own mostly all of them even a wii and yea its because of the games they make not for consoles just enjoy the master piece and stop arguing about xbox 360 or ps3 both systems are very good each one with great titles and different options

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God if this comes to the 360 then im so gonna get it

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All you xbots need to look out of the box! PS3 has great exclusives and is a kick ass system!!! 360 is good too, you have halo , gears, banjo, and fable, on ps3 we have resistance, killzone, god of war, wipeout, ratchet and clank, jak and daxter, syphon fitler, warhawk, mgs4, disgaea3, valkeria chronicles, white knight story, infamous, heavy rain, uncharted 1 and 2, motorstorm 1 and 2, Socom, Mag, Twisted metal, Heavenly Sword, etc.... So xbox fans please stop putting down the ps3 with your hate. That's all I ever here, is hate and ps3 has no games garbage. Well guess what it does have great games. And Kojma is a master of the craft! I can't wait for what he brings out next!

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I applaud your efforts "Ameotoko" about system bashing. However, people who do that are NOT gamers, a better term I think would be "fanboy." A true gamer doesn't care about what platform it's on, the ONLY thing that MATTERS to a true gamer if the GAME itself is good or not. There's no room for being biased.

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People o_O" I don't understand all this console bashing. Does it really make you feel better to say that "my console is better than yours"?. Do you feel the need to validate your spending by trolling the other section of gamers? What does it matter? One end has exclusives, the other end has exclusives. When we bought our consoles we had a pretty good idea of the game selection on both, and we chose accordingly. If one person is a MGS/GodofWar/Resistance/Jak/Ratchet kind of guy, he goes with PS3. If another person is a Halo/Gears of War/...other Xbox games (sorry, can't seem to pull them from the top of my head right now) kind of guy, he'll buy the 360. That's it. That's just how it is.No need to wave your e-peen everywhere in a desperate attempt to validate your choices in gaming. It's okay. We're all gamers. We'll accept you anyway. Unless you have a Wii. (just kidding Wii owners)

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I really don't care what this guy says to be honest, personally I think MGS sucks. The one on the PSone was O.K, but I thought FF was bad for babbling on with plot...these games take the mickey. If I want to watch sixteen hours of people yappin about politics, I'll watch BBCNews24 thanks, and save myself £40. You may now start the abuse Fony PS3 owners...

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The very reason for owning all systems(If you can) and NOT being prejudice to ONE platform, when exclusives hit it doesn't matter. "Being able to play any game that comes out regardless of platform, PRICELESS

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masterfarticus Posted Feb 12, 2009 10:35 pm GMT I hope he makes another Zone of the Enders! Well he did say after MGS4 he was going to leave MGS alone so he focus on ZOE and policenaughts games

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<< LINK REMOVED >> this links hows the sales for the consoles and apparently the ps3 is selling less units this month compared to last year of the same month.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> read this article

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I hope he makes another Zone of the Enders!

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That will be a quality hour for game makers on the conference. :D

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TruthOpinionSpk lol. thats not true. i am xbox fanboy and i never said that i want mgs4 on xbox360 and if youread all my post than you will know i said that it was a possibility . i never said that it will come on xbox360

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It's sad that one of the main reasons an XBox fanboy wants MGS4 on the 360 is to be able to say that THERE ARE NO MORE GOOD PS3 EXCLUSIVES.

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Lionheart8472 Most of the good games now are Mult Platform and with that statement that you said, than there is a possibility that mgs4 would be on xbox360.

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I'm going to have to watch and then re re rewatch Kojima's address. It's also great that Peter Molyneux will be there.

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Haha. Crysis having a better story than MGS4. Funny.

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Why does every post have to turn into Console Wars? This game will not make it to the Xbox 360. Both systems have thier great Exclusives, and if I'm not mistaken, the quality of the "exclusives" are about even. I can barely name 5 exclusives for the Xbox 360 that I'd want to play, while there was like 5 exclusives for the PS3 that was released in the past 5 or 6 months that I'd want to play. In this day and age exclusives are a dying breed anyhow, only the biggest companies can afford to do so. Most of the good games now are Mult Platform. Just give it a rest people, both systems are good. Just play what you perfer. For me it's the PS3.

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long live people like hideo kojima.

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Spider-Jim The answer is simple. Ps3 doesn't have many good exclusive games when compared to xbox360 so they need mgs4 in their exclusive list. I reckon kojima will release to xbox360 because of economic crisis and by having on multiplatform they will gain more money for their company.

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red_x2004 you know red_x2004 i happy with the 360 future but are you happy with the ps3 future because so far 360 has been doing better than ps3 in terms of sales and manage to secure more exclusive games than ps3.

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rofl! rider

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You could not say it better eezzy rider ;) ZOE:3 FTW :D

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Great another cool event in a country that I don't live in, wooopeeeeeee!! P.S: Why wouldn't mgs4 be on 360 ? The others were on Xbox.

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You know 10679, you need to stop dreaming about MGS4 on the X360 and start thinking about the future of that console, because it ain't looking pretty.

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10679 clam down dude

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I become happy when i see some smart people in between the fan boys. If you are a fan boy of any kind - be it 360, PS3 or windows 95, i dare to claim you prob, have some kind of issue to -- be it emotionally or intellectually. The arguments i hear from fanboys either goes under the category of "That makes no sense" or "That makes totally no sense at all".

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Who cares if it go's to Xbox its just stupid fanboys who care WAHHH other people Can play a good game but don't have the system i wana dry hump.. get over it lol.

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It won't bother me if MGS4 comes out on XBOX 360. More people to enjoy its asomeness if you ask me. I prefer a PS3 but I didn't even know about MGS4 until I got it.

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Its seems that there alot of people refuse to accept the possibility that mgs4 might come out on xbox360. well i can understand from the sony fans point of view because i would be pissed if sony loses another exclusive game to microsoft but i would acknowledge the possibility that it could happen based on what has happened to FFxiii and tekken six.

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Please please please let there be something on a new metal gear game, other than Metal Gear Solid Touch...

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guys... did you iven sow the f*** conceptart and stuff of that game? that is mother f******** genius xO

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10679 WHAAATxD ??? hahaahahaha

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xdeiri impossible possible ? hmmm The impossible thing would be for sony to have a good exclusive game without losing it to microsoft :)

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10679 i have been saying this for ages, i only recognize mg1 on ps1 as a real solid game, all others are just overrated and mgs4 is just awesome action adventure game not real mg game