Kojima has no plans to license Fox Engine to small developers

The Fox Engine will not be made available to small developers due to licensing difficulties.


Kojima Productions studio head Hideo Kojima has confirmed that there are currently no plans to license the Fox Engine to small developers. The studio had initially issued a statement in 2011 announcing that a tailored version of the Fox Engine would be available to schools and small developers.

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Speaking to Gamasutra at last week's Kojima Productions Los Angeles event, the Metal Gear creator said it would be "too difficult" to license the Fox Engine at this point in time, and withdrew the studio's 2011 statement.

"A lot of maintenance will be involved if we're to get the Fox Engine in a workable enough state to license it," Kojima said. "[As a result] at the moment there are no plans to license it to schools or other organisations."

Kojima did not rule out all options, saying that the studio is "always open to discussing it with companies one on one."

The Fox Engine was first showcased at the Metal Gear 25th Anniversary event on August 30 last year. Kojima has since explained that one of the goals in creating the engine was to achieve photo-realism.

The game will feature returning protagonist Snake, and introduces a number of tweaked gameplay components.

Kojima Productions is currently working on Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain for the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. The game currently has no announced release date.

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Kojima wants Japanese developers to move forward and take first position again but he wants to play stingy with helping out by licensing Fox engine?

Avatar image for Zerosumgame

Keep the fox engine away from sucky developers!

Avatar image for Kyrylo

@Josh West Naughty Dog can do their own engine. no need parasiting on other devs.

Avatar image for Kyrylo

@Chris Parker boohoo

Avatar image for Bond_Villain

the Faux Engine.

Avatar image for tightwad34

Meh, I didn't even consider Kojima letting other devs use his engine. I highly doubt this is going to have much effect on games good or bad.

Avatar image for BradBurns

After MGSV make Silent Hill on the Fox Engine, please.

And don't outsource it.

Avatar image for BradBurns

@Josh West and with the Japanese attention to aesthetics that sequel would be awesome.

Avatar image for Incubus420

Just read the title and I laughed out loud. All I could get from the title was that Kojima wants money for his last 10 years of work. Think I was in school the last time I heard they were developing Fox Engine and that was 7 years ago.

Avatar image for Eyefrein

Sorry to say this but i just downloaded de PES 2014 demo.. only to test the FOX ENGINE on my PS3, i hope it´s just because it´s only a demo but the resolution was 720p, the players looked pixelated and blured, the animations looked a bit stiff and the scenes like replays or team presentations looked too slow and with very low frame rates... hope they improve this in the final version.

Avatar image for sudarsanvrs

@Eyefrein Football fans felt the engine was amazing and better than EA's ignite

Avatar image for BradBurns

Kojima's Fox Engine is gorgeous. All of the new Metal Gear footage that he's showed so far has been for current gen, not PS4 or XboxOne.

It looks on par or better than most of the next gen stuff shown off so far.

One problem. Please tell me that you didn't spend so much time developing an engine that is only usable on current gen consoles. Please tell me that the engine is compatible with PS4 and XboxOne.

Because if you wasted so much time developing an engine that would be outdated as soon as the game launches, I'm gonna cry.

Avatar image for Tygraph

@BradBurns Engines don't really work like that. The games are developed on PC which is not related at all to the consoles, they just develop in a way that is friendly to each console's particular environment and then port it.

Avatar image for lyncer777

@Josh Conder F and U

Avatar image for godzillavskong

I guess a lot of devs wouldn't grasp it as easily, and it would cost Kojima a lot resources to get them spun up on it.

Avatar image for RainIsMyDrug

Wasn't he the one who was begging people to remake MGS 1 using the FOX ENGINE?

Avatar image for Kyrylo

@RainIsMyDrug MGS1 isnt being remade so far

Avatar image for Incubus420

@RainIsMyDrug True but I am sure he would make a special consideration in that regard.

Avatar image for bunchanumbers

sell it kojima. It takes you 3 or 4 years to make a MGS game so unless you sell 20m + copies you aren't maximizing the money you could be making on the engine.

Avatar image for Malaphisis


Avatar image for gamerboy100

"the Metal Gear creator said it would be "too difficult" to license the Fox Engine at this point in time..."

It's only as difficult as you make it, Mr. Kojima. After all, it is your game engine.

Avatar image for hystavito

@gamerboy100 It might very difficult as he says. Remember that any big piece of commercial software often contains lots of other bits licensed from other parties.

Avatar image for kkee

This is good news. At least Metal Gear can keep a unique visual style without lots of other games looking like clones, a la the Unreal Engine this generation.

Avatar image for Moeremmo

@Josh Conder yeah ur right thats why the last MGS took 10 over 10! UR RIGHT and all the other MGS were at least 8.5 hehe... i have no idea why would u even post such stupid comment

Avatar image for Catz_03

In other words, "there is work to be done, we just don't feel like doing it".

Avatar image for Timmy_Gwar

@Mr_Big_Boss But those are both opinions...Engine looks pretty good. I would venture a guess that it's hard to work with though.

Avatar image for Sheik2

@Josh Conder Maybe you are the one who have sucked for the last 10 years...

Avatar image for Mr_Big_Boss

@Josh Conder Metal Gear Solid 3 was released within the last 10 years , so only you suck.

Avatar image for desperate001

Good. Make developers create their own engine. Kojima and his team took the time to create their own engine, why can't other developers do the same?

Avatar image for hyksiu

What matters is that mgs v is coming!

Avatar image for Timmy_Gwar

@hyksiu It's spelled "GTA".

Avatar image for Kyrylo

@Timmy_Gwar who cares about GTA

Avatar image for msfan1289

@Yeri Yalpiobviously you didnt play the game

Avatar image for Grenadeh

@Jed Powell Every MGS game spends 7 hours explaining the entire story up to that moment to you, anyway, so you don't need to actually play any of them.

Avatar image for msfan1289

I see his point, im sure they have a ton of bugs that went along with the engine when making the game. also there are a ton of in house game engines that is never released to the public this wont be the first time.

Avatar image for WantYouBad

Clearly he refuses to license it because other studios just wouldn't make things erotic enough.

Avatar image for gamerboy100

@WantYouBad Maybe the Fox Engine isn't erotic enough. lol

Avatar image for Tygraph

@gamerboy100 @WantYouBad We need to go deeper.

Avatar image for onixevil

You're kinda make a response to Crytek .But still a great engine .

Avatar image for Mastergp4life

@Ravi Pathak


Avatar image for Mastergp4life

@Ravi Pathak #1 This is a prequel starring Big boss/ Naked Snake/ Punished Snake - the soldier Solid Snake was cloned from.

#2 Google is your friend (Wikipedia).

Avatar image for Timmy_Gwar

This guy just keeps sounding more like a d*ck.

Avatar image for kouji03

@Timmy_Gwar why because he does not want to give what his team made? nothing wrong not allowing it man they made it

Avatar image for Timmy_Gwar

@kouji03 Exactly, and the comments on the sexy/erotic/whatever characters to sell merchandise.

If he wants to make money that badly, sell the engine.

Avatar image for Kyrylo

@mastergundam @Timmy_Gwar @kouji03 yeah to bad 90% of other studios suck by default.

Avatar image for mastergundam

@Timmy_Gwar @kouji03 and it seems they are already making good profit out of their creation therefore no need to license. Also it's also good thing to keep their unique engine to themselves

Avatar image for frylock1987

@Timmy_Gwar @kouji03

so other game companies can make a profit off of what he and his team worked their balls off for?

The stupidity is strong in this one.

Avatar image for G4m3r0uTL4wZ

This will be my first MGS game ever.

Avatar image for Sheik2

@G4m3r0uTL4wZ I strongly recommend you to play the HD collection first, if you want to understand the story

Avatar image for Timmy_Gwar

@Sheik2 @G4m3r0uTL4wZ To youtube!