Kohan II: Kings of War signed

Gathering announces that it will publish TimeGate Studios' fantasy-themed real-time strategy game later this year.


Gathering has today announced that it will publish Kohan II: Kings of War this summer. Currently in development at TimeGate Studios, this fantasy-themed real-time strategy game will let players lay siege to enemy cities, explore fantastic realms, fight strange creatures, and build their own world-spanning empire as they progress through 25 single-player missions. Multiplayer games will also be supported and will allow players to do battle with six different playable races on randomly generated maps.

"We are extremely excited to be working with Gathering," said Adel Chaveleh, president of TimeGate Studios. "Gathering has a stellar reputation for delivering top-notch games, and we are very pleased to be adding Kohan II: Kings of War to that roster. Kohan II: Kings of War combines the award-winning gameplay of its predecessor with new groundbreaking features and a fully 3D gameworld that is sure to drop jaws."

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