Koh 'GuMiho' Byung Jae joins CJ Entus

Ever since the dissolution of fOu, GuMiho has not been featured much in the spotlight. Now however, in time for the upcoming round of Proleague, it has been revealed that he will be joining CJ Entus.


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Being heralded as one of the overall best team league players in SC2 after being an integral part of FXO's two subsequent GSTL victories, GuMiho will now be joining forces with CJ Entus. The team has historically always presented a strong roster in team leagues, but has subsequently always had a hard time reaching the grand finals of a number of Proleague seasons, they did however win the 2011-2012 Hybrid Proleague.

The addition of GuMiho will undoubtedly bolster the already incredibly impressive CJ roster, but if it will be enough to carry them to the next round's play-offs is only something time will tell.

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