KOF XIII hits Japanese PS3, Xbox 360 Oct. 27

Console version of arcade fighting game to also bring in Billy Kane and three new stages.


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The arcade version of The King of Fighters XIII came out last year with some degree of acclaim, going so far as to be featured in last September's Super Battle Opera tournament in Japan. Console gamers in Japan can now look forward to checking out the game when it hits October 27 this year, according to the recent announcement on SNK Playmore's website.

Billy Kane taking the term
Billy Kane taking the term "flame wars" literally.

The developers also confirmed an exclusive character for the home versions: Fatal Fury villain Billy Kane. While not much information was shared on the official announcement on the company's website, the three-part-staff-wielding fighter from London will retain most of his classic moves like his "chou kaen senpuu kon" desperation move (translated as super fire wheel) based on the official screenshots of the game.

The console version will also include three new stages. The first is set in the interior of the Big Ben clock tower overlooking London, with cameos of Lily Kane, Wolfgang Krauser, and Laurence Blood in the background. The second is a nightclub that seems to be a 2011 version of the classic Pao Pao Cafe of Fatal Fury fame. The third and final stage is set on a grassy field littered with ruins, broken-down columns, and statues overlooking a clear blue sky.

The arcade version of KOF XIII features 31 playable characters, a revamped fighting system that features the Hyper Drive mode, drive cancels and Neo Max desperation moves, and highly detailed 2D graphics. For more information on the console version, check out GameSpot's latest preview of the game.

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