Koei unites Dynasty, Samurai Warriors

Orochi Warriors to join two ancient-Asian action strategy series on 360 and PS2 on September 18.


Last month, Koei announced it would be bringing its mind-melting amalgamation of Dynasty Warriors and Namco Bandai's Mobile Suit Gundam to US shores. Adding another car to its synergistic crossover train, the publisher today announced it would be melding its two Warriors franchises into a single epic showdown, dubbed Warriors Orochi.

Koei's in-house studio Omega Force develops the Dynasty Warrior and Samurai Warrior games, so it will naturally be tasked with bringing the two together in Warriors Orochi. Its newest action strategy game will pull 77 playable characters from the other two series, and players will be able to form three-character squads to do battle with. Omega Force will also be adding a new weapon infusion mechanic into the mix, which lets players combine the attributes of various weapons to unleash more powerful attacks.

Themselves spin-offs of Koei's Romance of the Three Kingdoms games, both Warriors franchises focus on empire management and expansion in medieval Asia. Dynasty Warriors is set in ancient China, while Samurai Warriors is set in feudal Japan. The games also incorporate button-mashing-style gameplay, where players assume the role of legendary generals and play out decisive historical events or battles.

Warriors Orochi has been rated T for Teen and is slated to ship for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 2 on September 18.

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