Koei ships latest Three Kingdoms game

Romance of the Three Kingdoms VIII will be in stores this week.


Romance of the Three Kingdoms VIII

Koei has announced that Romance of the Three Kingdoms VIII for the PlayStation 2 has been shipped to retail outlets in North America. Like previous games in the series, Romance of the Three Kingdoms VIII is a strategy game that takes place in China during the Three Kingdoms period. Players can choose from over 500 characters as well as 100 player-created characters. In addition, players can decide whether or not he or she wants to be a loyal servant of the kingdom or a rogue warrior attempting to steal power.

"The release of RTKVIII marks the evolution of the longest running historical simulation game for consoles," said Amos Ip, vice president of sales and marketing at Koei. "In direct response to player requests, we are introducing the series’ first multi-character option that uses all of the game’s officers. Each of the game’s more than 700 characters is brought to life as players have complete control of their interpersonal affairs. There are also new levels of Status, new tactical skills, and a new battle process all intertwined into 54 dramatic scenarios. This is certainly the most refined game in the series."

Look for a full review soon.

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