Koei prepping Dynasty Warriors for the DS

Nintendo's twin-screen portable will soon get a taste of ancient Chinese action.


TOKYO--Koei announced today that it will be joining in development for the Nintendo DS with a new Dynasty Warriors (Shin Sangoku Musou) title. The news marks the first specific title announcement by a major publisher for the dual-screen platform, which is expected to be shown at E3 tomorrow.

The publisher gave no details or release date for the DS DW, or whether or not it would be on display at E3 where many DS titles are reportedly on display. However, it's known that the action game will be based on previous releases in the series, with changes to accommodate the Nintendo DS's unique hardware capabilities.

"Adopting the Shin Sangoku Musou series as its base and taking advantage of the innovative capabilities of the Nintendo DS, it [the new title] should realize an exhilarating new experience totally different from conventional titles in the series," commented Koei in a press release. "We plan to create a new [game] system with a playing style and graphics that accommodate the taste of Nintendo hardware owners."

GameSpot will have more on Dynasty Warriors for the DS as they become available.

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