Koei announces two for PS3

Futuristic racing game Fatal Inertia and action-oriented Blade Storm getting prepped for Sony's next-generation console.


Japanese publishers were busy at this year's Tokyo Game Show announcing games left and right. Most of the attention was focused on games for next-generation consoles, with a slew of PlayStation 3 ones coming to light at the event. At a private press conference at the Tokyo Game Show, Koei announced two new games that would be headed for Sony's upcoming system.

The first game, Fatal Inertia, is a futuristic racing game that makes full use of physics engines using the PS3's high-powered processing capabilities. The game will be a departure from Koei's usual shtick, which is dominated by historical action games. Koei is targeting the American and European markets with Fatal Inertia, and the project is currently in coproduction between Koei Canada and Koei's Omega Force development team in Japan. Though Koei has used its own physics engine for its games in the past, it plans on using engines provided by Sony Computer Entertainment for Fatal Inertia.

The second game, Blade Storm: Hundred Years War, will be produced by Sengoku Musou's Akihiro Suzuki and developed by Omega force. Suzuki appeared onstage to briefly outline the game and to mention it will take place in a setting where "the integration between Asia and the West has developed." However, he did not reveal any screenshots or trailers at the time.

No release date was given for either game. The two join Ni-Oh and Mahjong Taikai (tentative title) as Koei's contributions to the PS3.

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