KnightShift site launched

Zuxxez opens a new online site for its upcoming real-time strategy game in development at Reality Pump.


Once Upon a Knight

Reality Pump Studios and Zuxxez Entertainment have launched a new Web site for KnightShift, their upcoming real-time strategy game. The new site contains an overview of the game's features, an introduction to the game's storyline, descriptions of some of the game's characters, downloadable wallpaper images, and a gallery of screenshots.

KnightShift is set in a medieval fantasy world filled with the traditional mix of knights, witches, giants, and dragons, but all the characters in the game have their own humorous personalities. Players will encounter more than 20 unique characters as they explore the 3D world. The game incorporates some role-playing elements such as character development, and it includes more than 20 missions in three different single-player campaigns. In addition, the game supports multiplayer battles over TCP/IP connections.

KnightShift is being developed by the team that created the Earth 2150 real-time strategy series, and it uses the new Earth III game engine. We've posted some new screenshots from the game in the gallery above. KnightShift is scheduled for release in September. For more information, visit the new KnightShift Web site.

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