Knights of the Old Republic goes gold

LucasArts reveals that the Star Wars role-playing game is ready to ship and that additional content will be released via Xbox Live later this year.


LucasArts has announced that the Xbox version of Knights of the Old Republic has gone gold and that the game is expected to be available starting July 16. LucasArts also announced that it plans to make downloadable content available to Xbox Live subscribers near the end of the year. The bonus content will include a variety of new weapons and other items that will be useful in the game's quests.

Set thousands of years before the events portrayed in the film Star Wars: Episode I, Knights of the Old Republic's plot centers on the struggle between the Jedi and the evil Sith. The game will let players recruit party members and develop the main character along a good or evil path. For more details, check out our recent preview based on a near-final build of the game.

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