Knights of the Nine ride on 360, PC next month

Extra quests in PS3 version of Elder Scrolls IV will be made available on other platforms--for a price.


The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

When Bethesda Softworks revealed last month that it was working on a PlayStation 3 edition of its hit PC and Xbox 360 role-playing game The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, it also detailed some of the new content that was being added to the mix. The PS3 edition of the game introduces a new faction in the Knights of the Nine, as well as new characters, locations, armor, and weapons.

Now some of that content is going to be showing up in the other versions of the game as well. Bethesda today announced that it will self-publish Knights of the Nine, an expansion pack for the Xbox 360 and PC editions of Oblivion.

Knights of the Nine will feature the new faction of the title, as well as new quests, the ability to found a new order of holy knights, suitably divine weapons and armor, and a plotline that includes backstory on the Ayleid ruins found throughout the original game.

Interestingly enough, Knights of the Nine will be a downloadable add-on for both platforms, but PC gamers will also have the option to purchase it at retail in a package that includes all the previously released Oblivion content packs, from horse armor to spell tomes. A PC expansion for the game was originally spotted on GameStop's Web site last month, although it carried the incorrect name "Knights of the White Stallion."

Bethesda has not released pricing information for the expansion pack, but GameStop had priced the "White Stallion" expansion at $19.99. Both the Xbox 360 and PC editions of Knights of the Nine are set to be released November 21.

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