Knack 2 Confirmed at PSX With First Trailer

"Knack is back."


Today during the PlayStation Experience opening ceremony, Sony announced a sequel to PlayStation 4 launch title Knack. A trailer was also shown, providing a first look at the sequel's gameplay. We'll add the video here as soon as it comes online.

No release date was announced. Like the first game, Knack 2 is likely to be a PS4 exclusive.

Knack 2's existence is not a total surprise, as a report from earlier this year claimed Sony's Japan Studio had been working on the game since at least May 2015.

The original Knack wasn't critically acclaimed, but designer Mark Cerny said in 2014 that he believes there was still a lot of room to work in the Knack world. When asked if there would ever be a sequel, he responded, "I would love to keep working with the [Knack] brand, definitely. There's a lot unexplored there, I think anybody who played the game would tell you that."

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Knack 2 could just be a do over

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This is a bad joke right? Do they not realize this game only sold because the launch lineup was ultra meh? And it didn't get a demo whenever a new ip doesn't even have a demo you know there's something to hide.

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Here's a sequel that nobody asked for.

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It's good to see some family focused stuff, and looks decent enough to play with the kids.

Not played the first and hope that this means it will come to plus.

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The game nobody expected to get a sequel. Who knows, The Order 1887 next...

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I'm excited for this. First Knack was okay but had loads of potential so hopefully they can hit on that. Awesome song for the trailer btw!!!

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So marking this crap than. new jak and dextor since jak and dextor better than this crap .

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@playstationzone: this comment gave me cancer

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@Mr_Spacely: Every comment from PlaystationZone has been known to give people cancer.

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It was a fun game, ill buy Knack 2, prolly not at launch for the full price tho.

and not interested in coop either

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Since the trailer is actually embedded now yeah, looks cool......

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Fool me once, shame on you.

Fool me twice, shame on me.

Lol at them sequeling what is probably one of the worst launch titles in history.

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I feel Sony gamers should stick Jack&Daxter

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@sladakrobot: really want new game in series .

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Knack is the poor mans kameo

Avatar image for Pyrosa

@emptycow718: My thoughts exactly... And Kameo wasn't very good either. Got bored halfway through.

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The game we've all been waiting for.

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Why? No one asked for this. No one. Nobody played Knack and said "this game is awesome, I hope they make a sequel."

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Despite a lot of people dismissing it as a forgettable launch title, the game seems to have sold well enough for them to make a sequel.

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About time! Knack was one of the greatest games of the last decade and it has been proven that Putin invaded Ukraine because he had nothing better to do after finishing Knack.

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@Moonco: Good one....lmao!!!!

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@Moonco: lmao

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Dunkey will love this. lol

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Well the first Uncharted was also mediocre and we know how much more improved the sequels were, so I guess we could also give these developers a second chance.

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@cboye18: But Uncharted also had characters to build off of. Knack is all Dreamworks reject characters, worse actually, they look like the human characters in Sonic Unleashed. And Knack himself looks like some kid's ugly drawing, they clearly haven't improved that.

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Note from someone who actually played Knack: "It was fun." (Me)

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@ticklemepink: No it wasn't

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@chiefwiggum16: You're not me. You can't tell me I didn't enjoy it and actually be effective.

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@ticklemepink: I suppose, I much prefer Ratchet and Clank

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When there's no more room in hell, Knack 2 will walk the earth. The prophecy is about to be fulfilled!

Note: In all seriousness, I'm excited.

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Knack 2 Disapointment strikes back!!

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lol it must of sell "respectably" to warrant a sequel that i'm sure will aim to fix to short-comings of the first, but also create new short-comings...

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Why make a sequel to the worst launch title?

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@Daveof89: I see that you haven't played The Order 1886 and Ryse: Son of Rome.

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@asnakeneverdies: The Order: 1886 wasn't a launch title. PS4 released on 11/15/2013 and The Order: 1886 released on 2/20/2015.

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@blackx114: It was a launch title that came out late.

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Knack was good......not award winning but a sequel would be good, drop what didn't work, enhance what did work and add new elements to it, I'd be sold on it.....

we don't get too many destroy everything type games, some of the best parts of the game was when you were really big just trashing the place.....

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this is where I vomit? Right?

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@pichi44b: if you're gonna spew, spew into this *hands you a very small dixie cup*

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Nobody asked for this.

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@crusadernights: haha everyone is asking knack for ps plus for 2 years already

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Haha Knack 2! Is this April Fools?