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Klei "looking at" porting Don't Starve to PlayStation Vita

Mark of the Ninja and Shank developer says a PlayStation Vita version of Don't Starve might come later.

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Responding to a fan on Twitter, last week Klei Entertainment said that it's looking to see if a PlayStation version of its game, Don't Starve, would be possible on PlayStation Vita.

"We're focusing on getting PS4 out first," Klei said, "but we think it [PlayStation Vita version of Don't Starve] would be neat too! We're looking at if it's possible to do. Maybe?"

Don't Starve is a brutally difficult survival simulator presented in the beautiful 2D art style Klei Entertainment established with previous games like Mark of The Ninja and Shank.

PlayStation 4 owners who also subscribe to PlayStation Plus will be able to download that version of Don't Starve in North America on Jan. 7, and in Europe on Jan 8.

Our review of the PC version of the game found that Don't Starve's blend of crafting, exploration, and survival elements makes for an enthralling and unique combination.

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