KISS: Psycho Circus Gets Collector's Edition

Third Law and Gathering of Developers are set to release a special limited edition of the first-person shooter.


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In addition to the regular retail version of the game now shipping, Third Law Interactive and Gathering of Developers announced that a special limited-edition version of the first-person shooter KISS Psycho Circus: The Nightmare Child will also be available in some stores. A number of special items will be included with the special edition, including a KISS poster signed by all the band members, a mini-strategy guide, a special CD, artwork autographed by the Third Law development team, and a reprint of an official backstage pass from the Psycho Circus tour. The limited-edition box will itself feature Todd McFarlane's depiction of the Psycho Circus characters, with paintings of each band member as they appeared on the covers of their four solo albums.

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