Kirby to star in new television series

Nintendo's pink puffy mascot gets its own cartoon.


Nintendo of America has teamed up with 4 Kids Entertainment to produce an animated television series starring Kirby, the popular character who has starred in 15 Nintendo games to date, including Super Smash Bros. Melee. The television show will air on the Fox Kids network, beginning September 14, 2002, after having debuted last October in Japan on the CBC network. The series will launch alongside a new Kirby action game for the Game Boy Advance, due this fall, and a GameCube title, Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble 2, is already in development.

The cartoon series will showcase Kirby's well-known ability to copy abilities and redirect them toward his enemies. The show's tag line "Kirby: Right Back at Ya!" refers to this ability, which in the show will allow Kirby to transform into Fire Kirby, Sword Kirby, Block Kirby, and more.

"Kirby's television debut marks the natural progression for a Nintendo character that has remained strong and popular around the world," says Gail Tilden, vice president of network marketing for Nintendo of America Inc. "4 Kids' new Saturday-morning kids network on Fox, combined with their brand building and licensing expertise, make them the perfect partner for Kirby. We're tickled pink!"

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