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Kirby set to spook Euro VC

Fast-paced puzzle game Kirby's Ghost Trap is released today for the Wii Virtual Console in Europe, joined by Devil's Crush.


Two new European releases have been announced for the Nintendo Wii's Virtual Console. First up is puzzle game Kirby's Ghost Trap (known as Kirby's Avalanche in the US), which was first released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1995. Players battle their foes by stacking and blending colour-coded blobs; over 16 levels, the chain reactions caused by the blobs create cascades of ghosts that fall on opponents. The game can be purchased for 800 Wii points (around £6).

Button-mashing may also be in order with Devil's Crush, a pinball simulation that is the sequel to Alien Crush. Available for download for 600 Wii points (around £4.50), the game sees players propelling a ball around a pinball board to achieve high scores and unlock up to six bonus stages. Devil's Crush was originally released for the Turbografx in 1990.

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