Kirby 64 Gets New Name, Multiplayer Mode

Kirby's first Nintendo 64 game is finally nearing release - with some new additions. Details inside.


First shown to the public in 1995, Kirby's first N64 game has gone through more changes than Madonna's hairstyle. But now it's nearing a release, and we've been made aware of some new enhancements.

Now going by the name Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, the game has also gained a multiplayer mode. Following on from Pokémon Stadium, the game includes three simple minigames for up to four players, although the computer will fill in for the other three players if you're the lonely type. The first minigame involves a race where you have to hop to the finish line. There is some strategy involved, as you can only hop one or two steps at a time (one with B and two with A), and if you land on a boulder you'll be sent back a few spaces. The second game is quite simply a matter of trying to catch as much fruit as you can falling from a tree (knocking other players around and other skulduggery is obviously used here). The last game has all the players standing on blocks held in mid air, and they have to remove the blocks to make opponents fall through.

Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards will arrive on a 256-megabit cart in Japan on March 24th and summer 2000 in the US.

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