Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning sequel in the works

38 Studios founder Curt Schilling says "Oh yeah" to a follow-up to open-world role-playing game.


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Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning launched just last week, but it appears plans are already in place for a sequel. In an interview on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night (embedded below), 38 Studios founder Curt Schilling revealed that a follow-up to the action role-playing game is happening.

More Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is in the pipeline, according to Schilling.
More Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is in the pipeline, according to Schilling.

Fallon remarked, "I bet there's gonna be a sequel," to which Schilling responded, "Oh yeah."

Schilling went on to say, "[38 Studios] was built to be something that stays around and becomes huge."

In addition to Reckoning, 38 Studios is at work on a massively multiplayer online game currently codenamed Project Copernicus.

Reckoning won praise from reviewers upon launch last week for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC, but no mention has been made as to whether or not the game will become a franchise.

As of press time, neither Electronic Arts nor Schilling had responded to GameSpot's request for comment.

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I really loved this game and the story line. It was long but wasn't too long, and the gameplay and combat system itself was incredibly engaging. Yes, the story could be worked on up I liked it either way and even grew to care for some of the main characters.

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I actually think that the storyline is very well put together. Granted I haven't finished the game but what I've seen so far is very nice. I am usually more of an action gamer but this is the first RPG in a REALLY long time that I've been able to get into...and I've even tried the "big name" RPG's such as Mass Effect, Fable, Skyrim, Dragon Age, etc. This one beats them all by a longshot imo. I would suggest some sort of multiplyer OPTION (emphasis on the word "option") in the sequel. Maybe or maybe not a full-scale mp co-op...but at least a trade/chat system, or a duel system, or even side missions in a separate world that you can pull your single player character into to complete with friends. In my personal opinion, I would like to see the drop-in / drop-out system that games like Borderlands have. That way people who don't like the idea for games like this to have multiplayer can have the option to play it through single player and not miss out on anything.

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they need to work on the story a bit, tune a few things here and there, and for me, add a few more playable races, and the sequel will be golden.

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The gameplay was brilliant , but the character models didn't quite adhere to the tone of the game . The game was all serious , but the characters looked cartoonish . They should try to remedy that in the next game .

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Hopefully the sequel won't have weapon/armor degradation... >_>

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they are really making mistake by create this game its totally a shame on 2012 RPG Game.....

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I thought this game was fantastic, and frankly I still do. I think the story/lore is fine, it's just the delivery that needs work. For example, the npcs could use more than 2 facial bones when speaking. And their tone needs to match their actions as well. The music could use some work too. It was good, but the same song over and over again can become annoying. As for the world, I really loved the environments. I thought it was absolutely beautiful. (Spoiler alert) I found it interesting that they made the last section of the map linear. I thought they'd make the Winter Fae's homeland larger, much like the Summer Fae's forest of Dalentarth. 8.5 in my book. Can't wait to see how they take their constructive criticism to better the sequel. MAKE IT 9.5-10.0 MATERIAL!! Also, they could add some more monsters instead of using the same rehashed models over and over. I only found like 9 or 10 completely different monster models, not including the bosses.

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As long as they aren't actually working on it yet, it's fine.

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as a r.p.g fan this maybe my new hope I really enjoy this game the the story could use some help. But every thing else is good and since in my opinion bioware can't be trusted though my fingers are crossed for mass effect 3 and elder scrolls has taken a step back there maybe room at the top . This is of course my opinion

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@Nightrain50 publisher have some power on the game they publish they can say they won't publish the game until some change are made in the game or they want to developer to be ready to released faster etc. As proof of that EA kinda forced 38 studios to make a demo for Amalur something i'm not sure 38 studios would have done if it wasn't of EA.

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One game, to rule them all..

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More talk with your allies woul be grat.It would make game more real and your choices would make more efect.Except that game is wery god.

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They just need to have more interesting quests. There are tons of quests in the first one but 90 percent of them are blah.

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Hopefully they'll take note of the criticisms and shortcomings of KoA and actually implement changes that deliver a more cohesive, polished product with a truly engaging story and a wondrous world and mythology you can get lost in, instead of just cranking out more of the same. (And they really ought to start by dumping Salvatore and hiring a writer who isn't a hack.)

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Really missing multiplayer co-op! Hope that will get added to the sequel.

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This game has superb gameplay...simply amazing.

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Gaming lunatics? Screw you, Americans.

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I agree with a lot of the criticism of the game: ya camera isn't great, character customization could be better, story takes a while to get in to (but I actually have at this point). For a first effort this is a quality game and easily the most fun I have had playing a RPG in quite some time. A sequel will be great!

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i'm glad they're still "planning" on a sequel and not already "making" one. we're still enjoying Reckoning BTW :D. figured as much. Amalur's not meant to be a stand-alone title and will really benefit from a sequel.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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@Nightrain50 Problem with Dragon Age 2 wasn't dialogue, it was that they thought they could get away with 3 different cave settings, burning a city down to have it completely rebuilt a few years later and th overall feeling of the game was simplified even though it felt more fluid. They made it unlike the original where you could actually tolerate making another character.

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Wish there were more to do with personality in this sequel. Also, is there a chance they could make it more of an open world. It was huge, but having to walk down a full path just to walk across the bridge and walk back in the same direction got to be a pain. An easy remedy would be a jump button, but that is not EA's strong point for any RPG. Still, good game, more than 3 caves, glad they learned from Dragon Age 2 that they should not cater to 4 year olds.

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really? oh man, I just got started on this..

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@FallenOneX Good reviews are always something that sells games and since it has 80 on metacritic and 8,1 user score, that means that people who only looks on reviews (without doing much research beforehand) will buy it and they're quite a bunch.

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Good news, customising the character would be nice, the pre-set faces are ok, my character always has a mean face lol. Other than that, what an amazing game it is.

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A few days ago a read an article where they said it all depends on the sales, I guess the sales are good then.

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Sequel? Why not, as long as you add some Personality Spice to that insipid linguistically&pantomime challenged main "hero" KoAR currently has. (NPC-s could get some similar treatment, too) P.S. And don't forget romances! :)

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@packtop I doubt that will happen unlike Bioware, EA does not own 38 studios, they are only a publisher, which I hope they never own them cause then your fears would come true, just as DA2 has proven that Bioware can not be trusted anymore

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Nice, I hope they are keeping a open ear to their new fans since that is what makes a sequel.

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Not one crash, compare that to skyrim which crashes constantly on PS3. The game is so well put together, any rpg fan should be ashamed if they haven't gotten it yet.

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I've just finished downloading the demo. I hear a lot of good things about this title, I hope it's as good as they say, then yes, bring us a sequel.

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Can you guys believe THQ originally had the rights to publish this game but eventually dropped them. Got to give EA credit for snatching this one up. Hope this new IP is selling well.

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It's a good game but to be the best you got to beat the best and they have alot of work to do.It's possible.Flame away.

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Keep in mind folks the guys at BHG had developed this engine for KoA:R for over two years while under THQ. They were acquired by 38 Studious in 2009. So let's say it took them a year to get organized with the lore, story and general feel for the IP. Let's say it took them two years then at the earliest. Keeping in mind they already have the engine and the IP down I'm expecting it'll take around two-three years again. I'm positive they will not rush this game in BHG we trust!

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"Reckoning won praise from reviewers upon launch last week for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC, but no mention has been made as to whether or not the game will become a franchise. " WOT??? Because they were paid? A sequel is due because it needs to redo its story.

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Keep the combat the same, and PLEASE just work on your story telling and maybe up the fidelity of the graphics a bit, but focus on that last, I want to love the next Kingdoms of Amalur!

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i want to play it sooo badly man!

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So I guess it is selling well?

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This is great news. I'm loving Reckoning despite its faults. I do have a quick piece of advice for EA and 38 Studios, though: DON'T RUSH IT. I know you are probably excited about the good reception KoA is receiving (80 Meta Score is fantastic for a brand new IP), but please, please don't rush KoA2. Take your time, hammer out the problems, and you'll have a great new franchise you can grow for many years to come. Rush it and you'll squander what could be the best new RPG concept in years just like you did with the Dragon Age IP.

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@Ferdal3 I agree. Had they given the player freedom of camera use, like being to pan out more, I would have purchased this game. That was the deal-breaker for me. Playing it made me feel literally sick, let alone being frustrated that I cannot see everything around me. What was the point if I couldn't admire the environment and world around me? It's just common sense.

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My only complaint is the camera too, but Eyefinity or NV Surround would fix this, but the game as of right now has poor support for multimonitor setups. ;[

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ts good you need a horse in the next one and if you ever played darksiders the horse machanics is second to none

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Hopefully some day they will get around to fixing the camera in KOA. The game has potential...but the camera is way to close to the character with a small way to back the camera out...its a gamebreaker for me...when they fix it i buy it....

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Good! Kingdoms of Amalur was pretty good, and it definitely had the potential to be better. Maybe it can reach it's full potential with a sequel.

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First of all, Gamespot's headline totally blows this out of proportion. It angers me when the media does things like this because, if you watch the video, it is clear that Schilling wants to make a sequel, yes, but he never says there is one in the works. He is a gamer, and more importantly, a gamer who enjoys RPGs. He won't rush things just as he didn't rush the first one. If anything in this interview was actually confirmed, it is that R.A Salvatore will write some books in the Amalur universe and Todd Mcfarlane will do some comics. Come on, Gamespot, be careful with your headlines. I visit this site because You guys usually think about what you are saying, and back it up with research. Dropped the ball here.

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I will definitely get v2 .. but only if its a TRUE open world game like Skyrim. As far as I can tell, this first iteration is going full steam ahead for the discount bin.

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Just don't have that release date DLC that stuff is just BS

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Why would they go forward for a sequel without waiting for the games first month worth of sales? It doesn't make sense to me.

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Instant sequels and release date DLC, gotta love the gaming industry.

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