Kingdoms of Amalur and ICO HD coming to EU PlayStation Plus in June

Rayman Origins also being offered to PS Vita subscribers in June.


Sony has announced that the ill-fated Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning will headline June's PlayStation Plus offerings in Europe. Despite a generally positive critical reception, the single-player open-world RPG failed to meet sales expectations upon its original release in February 2012, and led to the closure of the partially state-funded 38 Studios, helmed by MLB pitcher Curt Schilling.

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Dark Souls predecessor Demon's Souls and the ICO and Shadow of the Colossus HD Collection will also be made available to subscribers of the premium service.

All three games will be available from May 29, when Sony will phase out its May offerings: Hitman Absolution, Joe Danger 2, and Dead or Alive 5.

PlayStation Vita owners will be able to get Rayman Origins and Coconut Dodge HD from June 5, where Sine Mora will be removed from the service. Velocity Ultra will also leave PlayStation Plus on June 12.

A 12-month subscription to PlayStation Plus has an RRP of £39.99.

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Avatar image for TirOrah

Oh wow, I didn't realize KoA sold that 'badly'! Note I say 'badly' because numbers I find extraordinarily good seem to be subpar for a big, ambitious company... It's too bad that the studio had to close because of it. I did want to buy it at first, but eventually I bought Dragon's Dogma instead. (and I still love that game and the expansion) Still, it looks fun gameplay-wise at least, it's a shame that sales weren't up to par. Especially because it was a new IP. T_T

Avatar image for devski

Was hoping this post would say that KoA was coming out on Vita. Would be amazing on Vita to carry around, build up character and take on all the DLC.

I would buy a Vita as soon as this came out for it.

Sadly not though :(

Avatar image for samdam3

Couldn't get into Kingdoms of Amalur, felt like an empty, dead,boring world. And all the fights were simple, and over in seconds. Though i only got like 5 hours into the game, was too bored to keep going.

Avatar image for samdam3

THIS IS JUST MY OPINION lol... I probs needa play it more to get it though

Avatar image for BigDawgSteve420

What the hell, why not to US users???

Avatar image for Gruntlock

@BigDawgSteve420 Because you entitled pieces of shit get everything else?

Avatar image for zzamaro

@BigDawgSteve420 Blame US publishers.

Avatar image for acelogan1989


Avatar image for Naylord

That's absolutely crazy good.

Avatar image for decoy1978

KoA was a good game! If you don't read into how much it cost to make, the crazy Squarenix-ish expectations the publishers wanted, and the horrific fallout that resulted, I do think people who have NOT heard of KoA would be surprise to find it an above-average game.

Avatar image for arc_salvo

@decoy1978 I agree, it was a surprisingly good game with fun, twitch action-based combat that had an interesting open world with a lot of quests. Kind of like Dynasty Warriors meets Elder Scrolls.

Not with huge hordes of things to mow down, but a similar combo based combat system. Albeit with magic and ranged weapons in addition to melee.

Avatar image for shiss27

I was truly awaiting Kingdoms of Amalur 2. Would loved to see the new additions. So much room for improvement on an already very good game. Loot was great, story was great, DLC was great. Menu system needs work and progression can be tweaked.

Avatar image for Karmazyn

I kind of regret that my PlayStation did not break down like xbox. I would have to buy a new console and would end up with the bigger hard drive for all those great PS+ titles. Unfortunately due to my PlayStation durability I have only 35 GB for games, 5 GB free now. Need to think really hard what to delete and what to keep. Not impressed.

Avatar image for jukejointj

@Karmazyn Just slap a new HD in there. They are pretty cheap and it's super easy to do the backup and transfer files over. I put a 1TB drive in mine after i got PS+

Avatar image for Karmazyn

@jukejointj @Karmazyn like internal HDD you mean, I did not know that you can do it. How to transfer all the files from old internal to new internal drive? I will have to research this. Thanks.

Avatar image for ChickenCrimpy

@TirOrah @Karmazyn @jukejointj Same here. Still have my trusty fat 40 Gb old PS3, going strong after 7 years!!! Now its a fat 500 Gb PS3. Never had a problem with it. Gotta hand it to PS3, they build them well.

Avatar image for TirOrah

@Karmazyn @jukejointj I agree with this, I've done this myself and went from 40GB to 1TB capacity on my old fat PS3. One thing I want to add though is if you want to transfer everything to an external hard drive, you need to format it to FAT32 if I remember correctly. But yeah, I'm sure you can find out more about it by googling or youtube'ing it.

Avatar image for djb1203

@Karmazyn @jukejointj you can backup to an external drive using the backup utility under the settings menu. replace the internal drive with a larger one (its just a standard 2.5" hardrive like in a laptop) and then restore your backup. itll take quite a while though so delete anything you dont need such as old game installs and demos. its very easy. theres probably plenty of youtube videos about it. if you dont have an external drive you can redownload most of your stuff from the store, so just replace the drives and then reinstall your content.

Avatar image for AireeeZ

The guys at the NA psn+ offices need to step up their game for next month.

Avatar image for zzamaro

@AireeeZ Why? Sony does not chooses the games. Publishers are the ones who are responsible. For example, if you want Hitman: Absoltion on NA PS+, send a complain to Square-Enix. Not Sony.

Avatar image for bouff

Kingdoms of Amalur id the greatest game I have ever played. 180 hours and still only 70% done..... I cant stop playing it and I'm glad many other people will get the chance to see how great it is.

Avatar image for Total_mischief

@bouff Then you haven't played many games. I agree that it's good enough, but it's very, very far from a masterpiece on several levels.

Avatar image for rushiosan

Ico HD... but not The Last Guardian. Applause.

Avatar image for Breyant

Great games, as usual for EU. Why don't we ever see these articles for US PS+?

Avatar image for ADO300

@Breyant dude you guy's just be happy for the psn store, yes we do have better ps+ but you guy's have ALOT more content then we do... from ps1 classics to add-on's the U.S.A. psn store ownes our EU psn store period...

Avatar image for Breyant

@ADO300 I'm not complaining, just made a comment that EU gets some good games again this month, and wondering why I never see any articles for US PS+. It would be nice to know which games I'm getting next month, I don't often check the Sony blog but I visit this site daily.

Avatar image for TohouAsura

@carolino @Breyant I thought SONY land is Japan :P

Avatar image for PcGamingRig

omg, 3 amazing games that I have wanted to buy but put off because of my backlog are now free. :)

Avatar image for AzelKosMos

Amalur, Demon's Souls and ICO are all crazy good games for free or otherwise. PSN+ is just ridiculously good. Be mad to own a PS3 and not be a plus member. Mad!

Avatar image for fadersdream

@AzelKosMos I own all of those games, I actually have a year card of plus laying around waiting for games to come on plus that I DON'T own.

Avatar image for JimmeyBurrows

@fadersdream @AzelKosMos Yeah I'd rather buy the games I want to play... I still play nes/snes & ps1&2 games from time to time... I'd like to think I'll play some of the good ps3 games in the future as well.

Avatar image for MateykoSlam

Best RPG of 2012.

Avatar image for krystyla

amalur mmo killed them

Avatar image for Karzovis

Another reason to NOT but PS+ if you live in NA.

They Kingdoms of Amalur, while we get shit like minis and spelunker.

Avatar image for krystyla

@Karzovis rly love ps+ in EU muhahahaha

Avatar image for RobertAgius

Definitely trying out DeS

Avatar image for Shango4

PS+ is so awsome.

Avatar image for Vambran

I prefer to own games not rent them.

Avatar image for RobDev

bit shortsighted. $60 a year gets you more than just free games. Massive deisocunts as well. I got walking dead one free and the other 4 at 50% off so got the whole series for about $15. I have maybe 40 or more games on my PS3. Yes you are renting the games (for about $1.50 a game for the life of your subscription, but so what? you "rent" them for next to nothing and finish them or you could buy them for 20-30 bucks and put them on the shelf when they are done or get $5 back for trading them in.

Avatar image for bouff

@Vambran if you plan to use the PS+ for just the minimum 3 months then yeah OK your renting the title, but most of us will carry on with our subscription until Sony says its over

Avatar image for aeterna789

I actually liked Kingdoms of Amalur and would have welcomed a sequel that could have further improved the franchise.

Avatar image for bouff

@aeterna789 Would love to see a sequel, and the last I heard EA own the rights to it, so my figures are crossed

Avatar image for Kawaii_Uguu

The dumb combat in KoA was a dealbreaker for me.

I made a warrior in the demo, and I was expecting a badass looking warrior. Instead, his shield literally just pops out pf nowhere, and he keeps putting his weapon away in the middle of fights. It must have been a strange bug because it's just so unbelievably stupid putting your sword away when you're surrounded by enemies.

Avatar image for MateykoSlam

@Kawaii_Uguu lol you can say anything about KOA, bad story, bad characters, even bad graphics. but the combat system was the best thing that game had

Avatar image for samdam3

@MateykoSlam @Kawaii_Uguu Mfw your shield pops out of nowhere.....

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