Kingdoms of Amalur and ICO HD coming to EU PlayStation Plus in June

Rayman Origins also being offered to PS Vita subscribers in June.


Sony has announced that the ill-fated Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning will headline June's PlayStation Plus offerings in Europe. Despite a generally positive critical reception, the single-player open-world RPG failed to meet sales expectations upon its original release in February 2012, and led to the closure of the partially state-funded 38 Studios, helmed by MLB pitcher Curt Schilling.

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Dark Souls predecessor Demon's Souls and the ICO and Shadow of the Colossus HD Collection will also be made available to subscribers of the premium service.

All three games will be available from May 29, when Sony will phase out its May offerings: Hitman Absolution, Joe Danger 2, and Dead or Alive 5.

PlayStation Vita owners will be able to get Rayman Origins and Coconut Dodge HD from June 5, where Sine Mora will be removed from the service. Velocity Ultra will also leave PlayStation Plus on June 12.

A 12-month subscription to PlayStation Plus has an RRP of £39.99.

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Avatar image for Lhomity

Any PS3 or Vita owner not already a PlayStation Plus subscriber really should hang their heads in shame. The service is amazing, the games are amazing (and free as long as you remain a subscriber). And, in many countries, its cheaper than Xbox Live Gold!

Avatar image for Lhomity

Not mentioned in this article:

20% off Metro: Last Light
70% off Tekken Tag Tournament 2
40% off Germinator

So happy! Going to grab Metro: Last Light when the discount becomes available. I already have TTT2. I already have Ico & SotC HD, and KoA: Reckoning too, but whatever.

Avatar image for TohouAsura

@Lhomity WOw, 70% off Tekken Tag 2? That's sweet.

They sure make it worthwhile to pay 5$ a month.

Too bad I don't play online as much anymore, my PSN account is mostly dormant and most of my gaming is done on PC nowadays.

Enjoying the **** out of Rising though.

Avatar image for SeannTHEsheep

@TohouAsura @Lhomity i just got the complete edition of gta4 off psn for less than £12

Avatar image for DarkFrankhs

I enjoyed Amalur for the first 8 hours or so - it then got quite boring and repetitive. It's a lovely idea that just needed expanding on and a better story.

These Playstation Plus games keep getting better and better. I'm really enjoying Hitman at the moment and am looking forward to playing Ico for the first time and replaying shadow of the colossus.

Avatar image for Bucketoffish

I thought Kingdoms of Amalur was the best game on the PS3 so far other than Resistance 2 or COD 4. I hope more players can appreciate the beautiful setting, storyline, and deep combat system. I for one would like to see a Kickstarter for a sequel.

Avatar image for Thirty-Thirty

Cool for the PSN+ users i really enjoyed kingdoms of amlur!

Avatar image for rawsavon

EU wins again...
I should really just cancel my US PSN+ account and get an EU one instead

Avatar image for Lhomity

@rawsavon There are hundreds of comments like yours on EU Playstation blog every week complaining about how EU gets screwed, and the US gets better games, not just in regards to free Plus titles, but in the weekly store content.

I love irony.

Avatar image for rawsavon



Most of the places I check every week for the updates (they update both stores) seem to pretty consistent with regard to the EU store being far least in relation to the 'free' games list (which is all I am referencing and check on)

Avatar image for rawsavon


Here is a thread comparing them

Great games on the EU store (not on the US one):
-Dues EX
-Dead Space 2
-Red Dead Redemption
-Kingdoms of Amal.
-Batman: Arkham City
-Crysis 2
-God of War
-Mass Effect 3
-MGS HD Collection
-Ico and Shadow of the Colossus

Avatar image for amaneuvering

Imagine if Sony had a subsidized PS4 where the console maybe cost around $100 and you paid a monthly subscription of say $15 and then along with all the free online services you'd expect to get you also received these kinds of deals on a regular basis as part of the basic package...

I really think that would be a big hit

Avatar image for bksonic123

Oh wow. I thought it was just ICO/SotC and Demon's Souls, but now they're giving Kingdoms of Amalur as well? Awesome!

Avatar image for dj_ene-miss

@bksonic123 They treat ICO/SotC as one game, so that makes 3 games in total as every month. Sweet. Ps+ is a great service.

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