Kingdom Under Fire Update

The Gathering reveals new details about the upcoming fantasy real-time strategy game. New screens inside.


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Gathering of Developers has released information about the features of Kingdom Under Fire not present in the build we previewed earlier this summer. The forthcoming real-time strategy game from Phantagram puts increasingly powerful heroes at the core of its design. Each of the seven heroes in the game has a dedicated solo mission, where at various points in the story, the hero will leave behind his army and go on a lone quest. As the game progresses, heroes can gain up to 14 levels of experience and progressively improve their abilities. Heroes will also be central in the hero-deathmatch multiplayer mode that Phantagram plans to release after the game ships.

The game's multiplayer mode, which is playable online through Phantagram's service, will also include standard competitive real-time strategy play and cooperative story-based play.

The game is scheduled for release in October, and sign-ups for the public beta of the game just opened yesterday.

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