Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders goes gold

Long-delayed medieval war game on schedule for October 12 release.


Following a series of delays, Microsoft’s Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders has gone gold. Developed by Korea-based developer Phantagram, the game will charge onto Xboxes October 12 with a rating of "M" for Mature and a $39.99 price tag.

Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders is a sequel to the PC title Kingdom Under Fire: War of Heroes (also developed by Phantagram). It pits gamers in the thick of a medieval battle between humans and an evil force known as the Dark Legion.

Taking place 50 years after the original, War of Heroes mimics its ancestor’s combination of real-time strategy and action elements. The title will feature 100 different character models (including infantry, catapults, and dragons), it will support up to 150 units fighting simultaneously on the screen, and it will include more than 60 different maps. Console crusaders can also take the game online in competitive or cooperative deathmatches over Xbox Live, as outlined in GameSpot's preview.

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