Kingdom Under Fire - First Impression

Kingdom Under Fire will be a fantasy-themed real-time strategy game that takes place on a fictitious continent. It will chronicle the war of the human and elf faction against the orc and ogre horde.


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Phantagram's Kingdom Under Fire will be a traditional real-time strategy game set in a fantasy realm of dragons, wizards, and magic spells. The game tells the story of an age-old war between the gods of good and evil and their minions - the elves and humans, and the orcs and ogres. Throughout the history of the game's fantasy realm of Bersiah, the tide of this conflict turned many times. At certain points, the forces of good held sway; at others, evil dominated the land.

Kingdom Under Fire begins at a turning point in the war. A powerful general named Rick Blood, armed with ancient evil magics, has captured and subjugated the scattered forces of darkness and pressed them into a single, organized army. Rick has taken command of this massive contingent of orcs, vampires, ogres, and other fell creatures and plans on conquering the human and elven settlements. His eventual goal is to lay claim to the entire continent.

Kingdom Under Fire's single-player missions tell the story of this campaign, skirmish by skirmish, through the personal journals of various heroes of the land. Each hero will have his own special abilities and will lead different forces into battle. In addition, each will be able to make use of different artifacts and magic items captured along the way. Throughout the course of the game, you'll learn more about the story, the history of Bersiah, and the relationships between the various heroes.

Kingdom Under Fire will naturally also include a strong multiplayer component. Online play will be available on Phantagram's WarGate.Net servers, complete with tournament ladders and competitive leagues.

Kingdom Under Fire is due out this September.

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