Kingdom Under Fire Final Details

Phantagram releases the final group of spells from its upcoming real-time strategy game.


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Gathering of Developers and Phantagram have released the final group of spells and character abilities from the upcoming real-time strategy game Kingdom Under Fire. The game is set in a fantasy world at war. Two warring factions struggle for dominance: the humans and elves on one side, and the orcs and ogres on the other side. More than 70 characters are featured in the game. The following is a list of some characters' unique abilities:

Dirigible ability:
Make Transport Sphere - Creates a spore to transport units.

Bone Dragon ability:
Fire Blast - Burns an enemy with hellish breath.

Curian abilities:
Shift - Allows for instant backward movement.
Freeze - Paralyzes any units temporarily.
Energy Burst - Shoots small bolts of energy in all directions.

Moonlight abilities:
Chain Lightning - Bounces lightning to the nearest unit.
Warp - Transports all nearby units to another location.
Hail Storm - Summons a storm of hail and ice from the sky.

Keither abilities:
Dimensional Rift - Releases a powerful dimensional rift.
Summon Dragon - Summons a dragon.
Magic Bolts - Fires a small round of bolts.

Rick Blood abilities:
Cone of Fire - Shoots a cone of fire.
Awe - Neutralizes all enemy units within range.

Likuku ability:
Blazing Swing - Swings the burst clip.

Richter abilities:
Vampiric Kiss - Drains health points from anyone.
Summon Bat - Summons a bat.

Amaruak abilities:
Corruption - Brings corpses back to life as zombies.
Gate of Hell - Temporarily opens a portal to the underworld.
Sphere of Necromancy - Brings corpses to life as zombies within selected zone.

Ogre ability:
Blood Lust - Boosts strength considerably for a short period of time.

For more information about Kingdom Under Fire, take a look at our extensive collection of previews and screenshots. Kingdom Under Fire is scheduled for release later this month.

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